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Save the Earth 1 Chapter 1
Author: Sakari Kestinen Submitted: 28th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 170

Destroy sea-mines, get in sub pen, save important (crazy) scientist, blow more mines, that's it! Made with TGF graphic libraries. Incl. CNCS32.DLL. The game was originally produced 2000, but bug-fixed 2001-2002.

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Posted by Paul_James 28th August, 2002

gotta love the title of this name x)
Posted by Oka 28th August, 2002

What can I say, pretty good if it's your first game...
Posted by Nobuyuki 29th August, 2002

man that avatar has a lot of blush. anyways, this reminds me to write the preview for my own sub game. soon :3
Posted by SoftWarewolf 29th August, 2002

most newbish game ever but it dont suck ;) if u make games with story please let the game make sence like make a reason why u gotta shoot all the bombs to get to next level
Posted by Texmo 29th August, 2002

THANK YOU NOBUYUKI!!! We all care, really.
Posted by Caderay 29th August, 2002

Yes! Front page material!
Posted by Krux6 30th August, 2002

Yeah Nobuyuki, how about commenting on the game
Posted by Gordon Chen 31st August, 2002

this game is as generic as click games get.
Posted by Gordon Chen 1st September, 2002

haha i just finished the game! how come u have to prse the okay button twice!! lol i still stand by my original comment.
Posted by Gordon Chen 1st September, 2002

on level to u don't have to shoot the bombs, just move thru the door :p and u win! the tric doesn't work on the last level tho...
Posted by Sakari Kestinen 4th February, 2003

Author Notice: I'm adding the other chapters soon.. I just didn't remember to do so before :)
Posted by Sakari Kestinen 4th February, 2003

Oh, almost forgot. Save the Earth definately will be also an amateur movie too (brilliant CGI and everything :)) As the readme states, I'm making a Half-Life mod of Save the Earth II. Homepage for Save the Earth is or They are in Finnish, but you probably can navigate it.
Posted by Sakari Kestinen 4th February, 2003

And still that we will re-make StE 1 with leetüberhaxor 3D studio MAX 4.2 rendered graphics. Every single TGF object will be replaced. And TGF musics will be replaced with our own (or just removed). Game itself will be refitted, let alone the cutscenes: we will use StE:motion picture footage as cutscenes. v1.2 will just not be as n00b. But it won't be coming this year =)
Posted by Sakari Kestinen 27th July, 2003

Save the Earth Movie Edition. 3DSMAX 5.0 graphics. I should begin making it :D





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