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Author: Andi Smith Submitted: 20th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 355

This game was made in four colors for the compo that Eric started on Total Klik. You have to save the people by getting them to cross the road. I made the original to this game over four years ago in Klik & Play; and I made three sequels too. Sadly, due to computer crashes, none of them made it to the present day. The third and fourth ones were more advanced than this one, with changing weather conditions and other obstacles, though.

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Posted by Nick of All Trades 21st October, 2002

Runs over a road? Very funny.
Posted by Levi 21st October, 2002

i was wondering... and no offense at all andi, or anyone else who made a compo entry, but why are they all so extremely simple? like simple to the point where they arent fun? i kinda liked the platformer one but with only one level it got dull. could someone please tell me how long this compo was, how big the file could be, etc? i never really visit the tk forums anymore so i missed it.
Posted by Prototailz 21st October, 2002

... Cool. :)
Posted by Andi Smith 21st October, 2002

the compo is still on. I think it's only a week on, so you can't really begin to make some epic game I guess people think simple colors therefore simple game. I know it was probably the case in my situation. I know the game isn't too good. I just wanted to resurrect an old idea of mine :P
Posted by scaneider 21st October, 2002

Too dark.
Posted by Beau 21st October, 2002

I am makin an epic game so shut your mouth
Posted by ACE_Spark 21st October, 2002

Reviewed. Only the good graphics kept it at 4/10. Neverless.. I actually quite like it. :)
Posted by Texmo 21st October, 2002

WWF Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth
Posted by Andi Smith 21st October, 2002

ok, Beau... that was a bit out of character... O_o
Posted by CYS 21st October, 2002 was not for a competition...but just for fun.
Posted by 21st October, 2002

(not to get banned) this game RoX, although i never played it.....
Posted by Matt 21st October, 2002

What is with these 4 color games??????
Posted by Solid 22nd October, 2002

Yes, please do.
Posted by ACE_Spark 22nd October, 2002

O_o Everyone must be high on summit.. Perminment markers perhapes? ^_^
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 22nd October, 2002

The game is fun, but only for a while. Of course, it's meant just to be a quick game, so whatever. I wish there were other things to keep it interesting....
Posted by vontheo 22nd October, 2002

Okay, I could play this game forever. This is definitely my kind of twitch game, and the AWESOME graphics are totally reminiscent of a Gameboy. Really, the only thing that could improve is the sound. I love Megaman music, and the songs that you chose are really cool and everything, but original is always the way to go, you know what I mean? Also, I'm very interested in this contest myself. Could you give me some more info and a link to it, perhaps? I'd love to try my hand at a 4-color game.
Posted by podius (Alan C) 23rd October, 2002

twitch free? at the en do the level i think i clicked too somethign like my score suposd to show up. its disappointing. 4 colors dont' mean anything. it uses a 32 bit pallete so it takes the same amt of memory. disappointing from a game by natomic.
Posted by Solid 24th October, 2002

The game wasn't meant to be an award winner. It was created for fun. It also wasn't meant to appeal to everyone.
Posted by Zeno 25th October, 2002

4 colors. HAHAHAAAHAAHAA ROTFLOL etc. I made one with two colors. :)
Posted by ACE_Spark 25th October, 2002

Yes but does it look good. ::)
Posted by David Evans 27th October, 2002

It's a bit small - My resolution is 1280x1024 and it's TINY! nice game though. It would be nice if you could move the people left and right and it the angels were a bit slower. It should start slow for people like me to get used to it and then slowly go faster.






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