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Author: a1fie Submitted: 11th October, 2002 Favourites:0
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For those who have played Jiggle in the past, I have renamed it to Ziggle. This in part is so that it does not get confused with Jiglit "My new Hands-Free Multiplayer.

In terms of graphics, they have been polished slightly. An intro screen and exit screen has now been added. As for the gameplay it's got a new spawning system. It's only 700k in filesize and it's still Freeware, so enjoy...

Any feedback or comments welcome.


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Posted by Chris Davis 11th October, 2002

Posted by danjo 11th October, 2002

dont worry, alfie's from another planet ;)
Posted by Jon Chambers 11th October, 2002

A1fie, you dedicate your time to selling games to people with slow modems. People with slow modems don't buy games over the internet.
Posted by Jon Chambers 11th October, 2002

Alfie, did you see your review in the Klik Universe #2?
Posted by Jon Chambers 11th October, 2002

Once again, you have destroyed a perfectly good concept, with un-necicary complications. C'mon, where's the brains involved in turning down the ball speed. If turning down one sped up the remaining 3, you'd be on to somthing.
Posted by a1fie 12th October, 2002

Yes I am from a planet called Flipside, which was recently discovered in a parralel univers :) Jon, Slow modems? whats that all about? plus I am not selling this game it's freeware. Saw my review in Klik Universe 2, I have no problem with that. The slow you let the blobs go in Ziggle the less points you score, thats it. Alfie





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