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Krazy Part 1
Author: Nico Submitted: 13th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 110

A very short game, but I have drawn all of the graphics myself. Amazing! An adventure game, a strange strange adventure game...

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Posted by Gongashplei 13th October, 2002

40k? Im there...
Posted by Gongashplei 13th October, 2002

Oh no i'm not, the link appears to have died
Posted by Buster 13th October, 2002

what the? Its like impossible to lose... 3 clicks and the games over.
Posted by Ashman 14th October, 2002

WHAT UTTER CRAP!!! LOL That isn't an adventure game. It's not even a game....I've seen people being dismembered by pyschotic Hannibal Lecter types that have more fun than playing THAT! I recommend the cancellation of all further chapters!!! PS : What the hell is taking so long with the could 100 of those in a day!!!
Posted by Jason Orme 14th October, 2002

*Sniggers* Dont be so hard, He drew the graphics himself BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Posted by royal knight software 14th October, 2002

iks this a game?
Posted by Nico 14th October, 2002

Please don't be mean, I tried my best. And besides, it was only a little game.
Posted by Jason Orme 14th October, 2002

Well!, im afriad your best isnt good enough here mate. If i were you, id go back to whatever you were doing before you got into game making.
Posted by Nico 15th October, 2002

I think you should shut your stupid little face and go drink bogwater!!!! Thank you, and goodnight!
Posted by Ashman 16th October, 2002

Jeez lighten up...I mean come on, best or no best this is a pretty ordinary game. Just keep some practicing going and don't submit anything til it's of a little higher standard.
Posted by Beta 15th November, 2002

is this a joke
Posted by eX Com 1st December, 2002






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