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Krazy Part 2
Author: Nico Submitted: 31st October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 93

If you haven't yet played Krazy Part 1, it's on this site somewhere. If you have, don't dismiss this game, because this one is better than the last, I promise.
All of the graphics have been drawn by me.

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Posted by Nico 2nd November, 2002

I would really like some comments on this game.
Posted by Mark 2nd November, 2002

doesnt dl properly
Posted by Nico 3rd November, 2002

yes it does
Posted by Nico 4th November, 2002

Posted by royal knight software 6th November, 2002

a. this sucks JUST like the last.
Posted by Jason Orme 6th November, 2002

Dammit! Please stop making this crap!
Posted by Crono 6th November, 2002

Lol if this game isn't a joke, you should be SHOT
Posted by Beta 15th November, 2002

uhhmm yah you should stop making games if your that stupid to make a game like this
Posted by Ashman 22nd November, 2002

OK OK! I hated the first one, I hate this one but they are beginner games!!!!! Say their bad, but don't tell him to quit. We were all crap initially (in fact some of us haven't changed). I do however ask that you stop submitting this stuff. You will get flamed and with rightful cause. Check out the standard of games here.....not just the crap. When you can create to that level THEN submit your games. You don't have to make the next GOTW but a game with a little bit of gameplay and respectable GFX wouldn't hurt. Crono, admittedly I was a little harsh when the first one came out.....but I think a shooting is taking it a bit far don't you???
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 24th May, 2003

Hey you guys!!! STF up!!! Don't you see that he tried his best!(Thats what I think) And he even gave me an idea on a game. He must have made this game before when he first got knp and started messing around with it to use it offline. And he might just pu it here for you ppl to share!!! Now if you don't like it go away! And even if he puts iit here nobody cares right?!!! Like some of your games are that good!!!
Posted by Josh Whelchel 1st January, 2004

Posted by Shen 1st January, 2004

Twi, you suck. No-one reads here anymore. Pwned.
Posted by Shen 1st January, 2004

Ok, I withdraw that, but you still suck.





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