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Monkey Boots
Author: Tony (Darkjune) Submitted: 29th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 333

In Monkey Boots you play a Monkey...with boots. After finding magical space boots Togo the monkey, that's you, must stomp the evil invading alien scum out of his jungle. This is you basic get the high score/time waster game. The longer you last, the harder it gets. Enjoy!

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Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 29th October, 2002

lol - sounds cool - im gonna download in a min
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 29th October, 2002

It's awesome!
Posted by Jenswa 29th October, 2002

Looks great!
Posted by Jason Orme 29th October, 2002

Hehe, nice little game you got there. The best 4 color game ive seen.
Posted by podius (Alan C) 29th October, 2002

hm... what a strange little game
Posted by gustav 30th October, 2002

Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 30th October, 2002

thanks for the comments, I'm a pleasantly surprised though considering that I spent the whole of 4 mabey 5 hours hours of work on this game. What I am not surprised about is that I have however found a bug that when evr you last more than a few minutes the aliens stop moving, I have fixed it and uploaded the bugless version.
Posted by CYS 1st November, 2002

The graphics nice...but i don't like it. As the AI are too messy. :(
Posted by Chris Davis 1st November, 2002

Someone linked to TK and never got banned? What !!
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 1st November, 2002

I think what makes the AI messy is that there isn't any, they just bump into walls and run around.
Posted by Mr. Mister 17th November, 2002

I like Black & white games...
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 6th July, 2003






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