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Shattered Earth REMIX (open version)
Author: Tony (Darkjune) Submitted: 11th January, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 306

This was intended to be a large project initially. It's a remake of my othe game Shattered Earth with better graphics, gameplay and sound. Also the resolution is different now to. Unfortunatly due to some sloppy programming and the amount of work that it would have taken to finish this never did get very far. This is an OPEN TGF file so people can either learn from my mistakes or possibly incorporate some of the graphics, sounds, or engine in their own work. All I ask is if you do use any of the graphics please let me know.
This contains one decent sized level except there is no way to pass it except to die. Enjoy.

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Posted by Fox (br) 12th July, 2002

Very Good, The graphics is goooooood, this game is open source.
Posted by Mårten 12th July, 2002

Hey Fox, if you think the game is that good, why give it a mere 5/10?
Posted by DBack 12th July, 2002

He probably forgot to rate it






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