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Dream Key tester *Blitz3D game*
Author: Tony (Darkjune) Submitted: 12th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 433


Oliver is a little boy with a very powerful imagination. His imagination is so powerful that every night when he goes to bed he enters Dream World, a magical place made up of many different lands from Lava Land to Tropical Land. Ollies not the only little boy with this gift, his baby brother Simon also has it, but unfortunately Simons only 3 years old and is unable to defend himself against the evil forces in Dream World, namely the Nightmare Man, and his army of mischivous Dream Fiends(small little things that try to stop you from completing your journey). Simons been kidnapped by the Nightmare Man and it's up to Ollie to travel through Dream World to the Nightmare Realm and rescue him.

This game was inspired by games such as Super Monkey Balls and Best Friends. It will be made up of short levels with an emphasis on making jumps from platform to platform, avoiding baddies, etc... The idea is to run around the level and gather all the Dream Crystals to unloack the levels Dream Key which will open the gate to the next level.

This is made up of 5 quick levels to test the camera, level entrance, and movement engine.

Dimo Design

feedback/ideas please.

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Posted by Buster 12th February, 2003

Nice Game! I can't wait to see it finished! Looks great.
Posted by CYS 12th February, 2003

Looks really nice. 3D games seldom uses "8-direction movement" but this do. I love how the camera works too! uhh...but...can you have new screenshot shots?
Posted by The Chris Street 13th February, 2003 do I get across gaps? Stuck on level 3, I tried to just walk over it like I did in level 2, but I keep on plopping into the water :P
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 13th February, 2003

Circy -left shift is to jump. CYS - As soon as I create some new levels/menus I'll get some new screenshots.:)
Posted by Galaxy613 13th February, 2003

Looks Cool *Downloading
Posted by Galaxy613 13th February, 2003

How did you make this? Mode7?
Posted by Zircon 13th February, 2003

I think it's Blitz Basic
Posted by Simon Colmer 13th February, 2003

GRRR, how do you do the first level? I opened the door/gate and what now? Any way its good (a bit slow) you may need to get your 3-d engine updated/speeded up But well done
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 13th February, 2003

Looking good - I don't review non-Click games, though (mostly because if my computer even tried to run one of them it would probably catch fire).
Posted by Simon Elo 13th February, 2003

There`s Simon again! Yay! Keep up the good work!
Posted by The Chris Street 13th February, 2003

It runs very smoothly for me, I'd be very willing to shell out for the final CD version
Posted by Galaxy613 13th February, 2003

Re: Simon Colmer Walk over the red 'X'!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 13th February, 2003

this game dont run... i want mmf games.. *snif
Posted by Galaxy613 13th February, 2003

this isn't a MMF game. (Most likey)
Posted by Spram 13th February, 2003

It's good, the last level is too hard (for me at lest) Anyway, it looks neat. Only problem is the fog, too much f it, but you must have your reasons for having it.
Posted by Sigurd 13th February, 2003

Hey I like this game so much that I might get it as well as MMF.
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 13th February, 2003

I'm going to make the character come to a complete stop a bit quicker(so it doesn't always look like he's on ice) and widen the curvy board a bit to. I'm also going to include a "race car" type movement in the final as well as joystick support. Spram - the reason I used so much fog is I felt it gave it a bit more of a dream type feel. Thanks for all the comments, -Tony
Posted by TheDailyClick 13th February, 2003

best friends is just ace, hope this will be
Posted by Cazra 14th February, 2003

The game needs more sound and music. I don't mind the 8 direction movement except for on the narrow 4th level.The graphics and gameplay are excellent.
Posted by >NzR< 14th February, 2003

Downloading.. :)
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 14th February, 2003

It'll definately have music and sound effects I'm just holding off on really getting into that until I'm a bit further along.
Posted by SpaceD 14th February, 2003

Can you make the movement based on the direction of the camera (like mario 64) instead of the direction of the map?
Posted by Pioupiou 14th February, 2003

This game is kinda fun. Altough it works very badly (depending on the way the camera is oriented a part of the screennis not visible) on my computer (but don't worry about that at all it is due to my 3DFX2 which can no longer handle any direct 3d game ! :)) I've been able to reach level 3. I like the graphics the moving engine is cool too (except the "character wlaking on ice" thing you already noticed) Keep up the great work i am waiting for next version :)
Posted by Joe.H 14th February, 2003

yay!!! i completed it... i want more!
Posted by Simon R 14th February, 2003

This game looks wicked...I'm downloading at the mo ;)
Posted by DaBreegster 14th February, 2003

Can anyone give me a free, easy-to-use 3D 8 direction+jumping tutorial for both TGF and MMF? Or just one of them? PLEASE OH PLEASE!
Posted by AfterStar 15th February, 2003

Cool!Nice work,but need improvement...
Posted by Ecstazy 15th February, 2003

Well, this game is very nice but has it's problems. First, the most annoying one, the fact the player doesn't completely break when releasing the movement keys. This made me fall into the water several times. Also, I can't seem to jump sometimes while pressing 2 movement keys (like left+up), and that got me in the water on the level with the moving circles. Also, after the demo was over (or at game over) I get some memory error which quits the game. Fix those problems and you're on the right way :)
Posted by Matt 15th February, 2003

Wow!!!! nice 3D gfx! Fun game also! ;)
Posted by SilverKnight 15th February, 2003

Hey! I got blitz(Full) But When I tried to make one I can't get anything! It just a big black area! What did I do wrong? I set the camera! And I set the plain and the models! What happend?
Posted by DaBreegster 16th February, 2003

I downloaed a MMF 1.5 demo. I'm checking out the mode7 extension now!!!!!!!!
Posted by DaBreegster 16th February, 2003

Can the creator of this game PLEASE send me a basic 3D jumping/moving/camera engine just like in the game. I will give you absolutely 100% credit. Please. I want to make a 3D platform game! My email is Thanks!!!!
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 16th February, 2003

I try not to give out my direct code,some of which was created through the acknowledged assistance of others, as well as it being rather messy, if you want suggestions or similar types of movement, check out or
Posted by Silveraura 16th February, 2003

Curse that level 4!
Posted by DaBreegster 16th February, 2003

Aw, please! I'm no good at this stuff!
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 16th February, 2003

I need help on blitz. Please help me on blitz since no one at blitz coder or basic is welling to write me a basic tutorial. Here's my email or just private email me in daily click.
Posted by OOOPPPs 17th February, 2003

This game is really good.. but.. damn.. that curvy level (1-3) i think is hard... but got passed it tho =)
Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 17th February, 2003

I just get Error: Can't create 3D scene. :-( Is it because of my crappy Compaq onboard graphics? What can I do, I want to play!
Posted by DaBreegster 17th February, 2003

Please send me an open source tutorial!
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 17th February, 2003

ummmmmm....nope here's an example from blitzcoder
Posted by DaBreegster 19th February, 2003

Bah, that stinks. No, can you just make me this: something similar to Dream Key except it doesn't include the textures or graphics, or the camera zooming in on the beggining. Just a plan graphic moving back and forth in 3d like Dream Key and jumping to each platform. That's it. PLEASE?E??!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

the puppet hovers when you keep tabbing a movement key (he doesn't walk, but the animation just keeps still, srry for the english) And you might want to considder sommething like with mario kart, when you fall in the water, some turtle with a baloon pulls you out and puts you on your place. Damn my english is bad today! AAh






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