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Author: Jon Robson Submitted: 30th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 891

Infiltratating of high security enemy bases. Saving hostages at gunpoint, escaping prison cells, scuttling evil plots, fighting several feet in the air, in woods and in packed trains. A friend dead. A month in the life of Stan Marsh secret agent.

Every day of Stan's secret life could cost him his ability to live. A life long friend and colleague had seen that, killed at the hands of the infamous terrorist KM, who Stan later shot from a cradle in the sky with then the worlds most powerful weapon, the "FGG" by the Y-Institute.

After defeating the evil terrorist KMs plot to use a satellite to blow up Asia and thus cut off trade Marsh thought he could do anything.

An enemy that has more than one life and won't die after all is very hard to beat.

However there is one that could give KM a run for his money..... an unknown enemy. A rising threat to the western world, and the US in particular.

A thieving of a top secret army developed biological virus in the hands of evil is a time bomb waiting to explode. Times running out, and time doesn't wait for a SPy for the Y-Institute......

Jon Robson and Scott Ewart in association with Andrew Rumney present the sequel to “SPy”, a game many will have played but even more not played.

The sequel is a hundred fold better than the original, pushes “The Games Factory” to it’s outermost limits, using up 274 frames with around 400 events per mission! With immense programming, spectacular graphics by Scott Ewart, and spectacular cutscenes by Andrew Rumney the project was huge and it’s no surprise it took us 2 years to complete.
The final game consists of 20 playable missions, of two different types: “Time Crisis” style boss levels and top down shoot-em-up missions with objectives, a total of 18 different weapons, flak jackets, a gadget that allows you to hack locks, the ability to fight unarmed with your hands: strangling and punching. The game also features a training area – the HQ of operations (here taking inspiration from the Carrington Institute in the N64 game Perfect Dark)

Some of the resulting games best features include a hand made pause menu which pauses all events on the screen and allows you to change weapons, and review your mission objectives; “timed cheats” (a’la Goldeneye), with 23 winnable cheats obtained by completing the games 20 missions in a quick enough time. The game also contains extra hidden bonuses, film like cutscenes, graphics by a University graphics student and so much more!

We’ve really worked hard on this and we hope it pays off. Even if you dislike the South Park or fan games in general please don’t be put off by the games massive size. Don’t be prejudice, we hope this we can change your view on fan games – it has it’s own storyline, it’s own gameplay, with the only thing linking it to a fan game: it’s graphics (which are not even ripped from the show).

Hope you enjoy! And please please please post your views, they are REALLY important to us!

Note: The download url goes to a page with lots of mirrors so you can find a link with the best possible speed.

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Posted by Zip 2nd November, 2002

zeta: you know the blue glass thing with virus bottels in it? shoot it adn it break and those bottles are the antigen
Posted by Zeta 2nd November, 2002

Ohh... you bastard... you ripped the friggin Code Veronic intro! BTW-that only works if you kill all the scientists before you get in.
Posted by Jon Robson 3rd November, 2002

Please can everyone read the troubleshooting bit on the download page if they are having problems with SPy 2. BoiledHead - Move the dlls from the dlls folder into the main game folder, it's probably bass.dll you need to move. Zeta - I've never played Code Veronica, so what have I ripped? Harry - the mp3s add nothing to it. 4mb at the most it's not worth reuploading it separately because I 1)haven't got the upload space, 2)certain people will download that version and not realise they need the mp3s and email asking me what's wrong. Zeta - Kyle should be in the bios. He's the 7th one down in the list. We had beta testers, but someone (whos been forgiven) managed to leak an engine of SPy 2 and we didn't want that :). Sorry about bugs again.
Posted by Zip 3rd November, 2002

jon you though about me offering to build a mmf build?
Posted by chrilley 3rd November, 2002

File Error! <--- That's all folks!
Posted by chrilley 3rd November, 2002

Oww nvmd last comment by me plz... :) Game starts now! <---That's the beginning folks!
Posted by Eyrd Parker 3rd November, 2002

Mission 2 makes me say "Fuck the fucking fucksucking suckfucks suck fuck..." over and over again.
Posted by Zip 3rd November, 2002

lol why does everyone think misson 2 is hard its easy :P
Posted by Zeta 3rd November, 2002

About Code Veronica, the itnro to that is Claire Redfield managing her way into Umbrella Paris HQ and she gets strafed by a little bird through one of the hallways until she gets into a concrete garage where she gets ambushed by a bunch of guards ,she drops her gun, you see a nice shot of it falling and her grabbing it right before she shoots the barrels behind the guards and boom :-D. I liek the intro to 7.2, that was awesome.
Posted by Rik 4th November, 2002

OK this is nowhere near as good as I was expecting it to be after reading all your comments.. It seems kind of buggy and unproffessional.. meh. Some of the graphics are lame (well the trees in the jungle in particluar, the rest is good - all I'd expect of something trying to look like SP I guess) and the sniperrifle often doesnt shoot at the target, making taking out the sentry guns a right bother :(. Some of the sound effects are also really annoying, like reloading and when you try to fire when you need to reload. The idea is a good one, but it could have been implemented a bit better I think. The gameplays really addictive, and the whole stealth idea is cool. I wouldn't say it was quite worth the 29mb download on a 56k modem though... Oh yeah the intro rules :D
Posted by Jon Robson 4th November, 2002

Zeta - Rumney made that introduction. Heh I nearly removed it from the game because I didn't want you know what to happen. I'm happy I kept it now though. Rik - Play it a bit more. The graphics kind of get better as you play along. It's because the earlier levels were made first. As the game progressed and we added more levels we paid more attention to graphics. We tried our best but you can't really get fully professional for a game like this with The Games Factory. You are too restricted with only 32 directions instead of 360 (hence the dodgy targetting) and The Games Factory is too unstable to stop it from crashing so much. And surely it's gameplay that matters?
Posted by Zip 4th November, 2002

jon let me make a mmf build it would get a bit better more stable and stuff
Posted by Rik 4th November, 2002

umm i would play a bit further but I'm kinda stuck on level 3 :D yeah it's gameplay that matters, but the dodgy targeting affects gameplay, that's my point. I don't hate this game, I just think it could of be better.. maybe using MMF anyway!! Also, the large screensize (I think that's what's to blame) means the game slows down when scrolling, I usually use 320x00 (or whatever it is) for scrolling games. Actually I noticed the slowdown a lot more when playing TGF games on my old PC, I haven't noticed it on this PC before but your game had it..
Posted by Rik 4th November, 2002

320x200* hmm i've thought of a way to overcome the dodgy targeting.. if when u press fire an invisible object (lets say "object A") is created at the target, then you tell the bullets not to be shot, but have a ball movement and to be created at stan when u press fire, and to "always look in direction of object A". The only problem here would be shooting multiple bullets in quick succession, whilst moving the target. However, you could probably overcome this with some counters and more invisible objects and stuff XD
Posted by Jon Robson 5th November, 2002

The bullets have a ball movement already (hence you can pause it) and follow a similar system to that. Still don't work :/
Posted by Jon Robson 6th November, 2002

I'm going to make and release a Multimedia Fusion build if possible. The problems with Multimedia Fusion I had aren't as bad as I thought (it still messes up loads of coding such as mission objectives and the cheat menu but I think it's fixable) If I can fix it then it will run much much quicker performance wise and there should be less bugs (yeh!).
Posted by Jon Robson 6th November, 2002

Multimedia fusion will also cut down the size of the game!
Posted by Jon Robson 6th November, 2002

Argg MMF is very irritating. For some reason collisions are not working such as "when collides with background bounce" (instead they walk through walls despite in the coding being fine) - silly things like that are making it hard to build in MMF.
Posted by Jon Robson 6th November, 2002

Sorry I'm NOT going to be able to make a Multimedia Fusion build. These were the problems I encountered: - Frequent crashing during certain missions - Events such as "collides with backdrop" then "bounce" were in the coding yet weren't doing what they were suppose to in the game - The boss levels ran TOO fast. You didn't get enough time to shoot the rockets.. It's a real shame, because the bugs mess up Spy 2 really bad yet in MMF it runs much faster and when the frames works runs so much faster. SO I can't make a build as much as I want to. Unless someone can give me solutions to the problems I've outlined above.. :( sorry
Posted by Rik 6th November, 2002

Posted by Jon Robson 7th November, 2002

MM the one week I decide to release SPy 2 happens to co-incide with several really good games. Doh!
Posted by QuADiE 7th November, 2002

Does someone know where i can download cnc32.dll..
Posted by QuADiE 7th November, 2002

Nevermind i have foundit now :)
Posted by Jon Robson 7th November, 2002

Don't suppose anyone else wants to review it do they? Preferably if they've got quite far into the game I'll review one of the reviewers games in exchange!
Posted by Zip 7th November, 2002

ok almost through the game so i re make my review
Posted by Eyrd Parker 7th November, 2002

I'm trying to find a way to plug on the guards in Level 2 without running out of .45 rounds.
Posted by Zip 8th November, 2002

use the taser :P anyway the entire game is beaten just have some bonus level left so im going to redo my review
Posted by harry 8th November, 2002

I Would Like To Take, Full acceptance, for all of the bugs and problems in Spy 2. It's all my fault and not Jon's Or Scotts. Although if Rumney wasn't such a drunk, then Newcastle wouldnt br running out of Brown Ale. Also The Weapon training missions don't work. Once again blame me....
Posted by HaMSteRtAiL 8th November, 2002

Posted by Eyrd Parker 8th November, 2002

I've been detected about a million times, does that say something?
Posted by Jon Robson 8th November, 2002

The game won't work? Can you be more specific so I can point you to a solution as over 100 people sound like they have got it working.
Posted by Dan McCoy 8th November, 2002

I just added a review. Yay.
Posted by Eyrd Parker 9th November, 2002

Someone reset the votes......
Posted by Zyko 9th November, 2002

i want that game.. but my broadband hasnt come yet.. :( .. so ill have to wait untill next week
Posted by Jon Robson 9th November, 2002

Spy 2 Version 1.1 I'm trying to fix any bugs that are possible to fix in a patch. If there's a problem with a level or a glitch of some description - any bug. Please email me at this address: and tell me what those bugs are so I can fix them in the patch. Please do not tell me about things like the introduction crashing. I've looked at that, and there is nothing in the coding that suggests I am able to fix it. Also please do not inform me of random crashes during levels. I seriously cannot fix these. Patch should be out soon. I'm also open to ideas to add to the game. I've fixed grammar of Y-Comm briefings for example and have now made it so that the Y-Institute updates with occurances in the storyline.
Posted by Jon Robson 9th November, 2002

Oh yes, thank you for the reviews Muz and Dan. If you ever have any downloads I'll make sure I play and review them.
Posted by robby 9th November, 2002

2 jon: have you got an install program?install maker?install maker pro? put it in to an install program, then a zip, thean (IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SHORTEN IT) out it in to a "WINACE" file. dont know the site, just go 2 a seach engine. id love 2 play but its TOO FUCKING BIG. i use a 56.6 kbs modem and recently downloaded FIREBALL. i use dap and it took days and i woz really disapponited with iut, cos the svcreenshots loked goog but when i finally played it, it woz slow and shit. sorry bout the lanuage.
Posted by Jon Robson 9th November, 2002

Yes I have install maker pro. I used it for the SPy 2 installer I then zipped it. It's now 25.6mb :) Sorry! Go on take a risk. Download it with DAP.
Posted by Zeta 9th November, 2002

Boris from golden is my hero eh Jon?
Posted by Zeta 9th November, 2002

*goldeneye I mean
Posted by Jon Robson 14th November, 2002

Troubleshooting: IF the games running quite slow for you, try changing your desktop to 256 colours. It may run slightly more faster (although the graphics may look weird).
Posted by Jon Robson 15th November, 2002

Patch 1.1 out 545kb. Fixes a few bugs in the game that people have identified.
Posted by Zip 15th November, 2002

Posted by Jon Robson 15th November, 2002

OK! You can tell what version you have by looking on the top right of the title screen in your SPy 2 game. If you haven't downloaded it yet, this doesn't concern you: the link above now links to Version 1.1. If you have version 1.0 you can update it to 1.1 by going here (add http in front)
Posted by S Radley 25th June, 2003

Cool game...experiencing some crashing bugs though. Guess I'll have to deal with it. Where is that music in the intro from, by the way?
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 2nd July, 2003

Needs more work, good game, crashed on me in the training section, the enemies are a little stupid, make the enemies stop when they see you, its like they are berserk or something, And you need to know how to mess around with the view for example, when it collides with an enemy and its y is lower then the enemy then make the player's view to front or if the y is higher then the enemy then make the player view to back, now thats perfect if you could fix those and the animation, its...not that good, but well done and organized.
Posted by Christian von Cromnow 11th September, 2003

i love south park, im downloading, i hope the "ai" is better in this game then the firt one, cartman was to fast, 4 such a fat purson
Posted by Fowem 2nd November, 2003

This game totally rocks! I too make games, some of them about South Park (the ones on Kilk n' Play) and I once made a south park RPG in RPGMaker (The engine I use most) it was called "Oh my God, They Kidnapped Kenny" and I'm starting it again and almost finishing a Demo. Check out my Teams webpage -> it's an antique site, I'm making a new one... stay cool. Bye ! and ... GREAT Game, keep doin' it
Posted by bigredron 18th July, 2007

I want to play this
Posted by CoxyofNewp 28th August, 2010

I know I'm about 8 years too late!!
but I'm new to MMF2-yes I know I'm late for that too!
But Please re-upload !! or post where I can try...
I really want to try the game!!

Many thanks!






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