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Population Control
Author: Andy G Submitted: 4th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 203

Okay well the last game that I made didn't go over too well here. But I hope that they don't find this one as offensive. It's called Population Control. Did you ever just want to drive down the road and hit anything that moves? Well now you can (poorly =D). Here's the premise:

"Everyone was having an average day except for one
man. He decided on this fine day that the world had
just too many people living in it.

So, he took it upon himself to fix this problem. After a
while of planning, he decided to cruise on over to a
festival that is most commonly attended by old ladies,
hippies, and handicapped children. And so the
madness begins..."

So you see, you drive around in this car using the arrow keys and have to hit the people that are walking around. But watch out for the other cars.

Post your high scores here!

P.S. I'm warning you, the sounds are bad and get annoying after a while. This game is best played while listening to some kinda music.

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Posted by Andy G 4th November, 2002

Oops, I forgot that angelfire doesn't allow direct linking. Just do as it says below the link. Sorry 'bout that guys.
Posted by gustav 4th November, 2002

best game name ever. i will download.
Posted by gustav 4th November, 2002

... ok.... you should spend a little more time on your games if you want better feedback.
Posted by Andy G 4th November, 2002

it didnt take that long to make but i figured id upload it anyways
Posted by S Radley 4th November, 2002

Nothing but a sick, fun timekiller. One of the touches I liked was how the car got bloodier as the game went on. ...but it's still way short, repetetive, and it gets old fast. Put more variety into games like these. And I agree about the name. :)
Posted by Ravnos87 11th June, 2004

Save target as doesnt work for me either. Anywhere else this is available??





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