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Super Team..."test"
Author: Andy G Submitted: 30th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 213

Well I'll just copy and paste the old description of the game fer now:

The story in a nutshell:
Basically one day, God talks to Jesus and tells him that there alot of things about his beautiful green earth that are pissing him off. God tells Jesus that he has a very special mission for him to do. And thus the adventure begins:

But before Jesus can embark on this mission, he has to assemble a team. And so he does. The team consists of (playable characters): Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Walter Cronkite, and the Fonz. Why these people? What four people in the entire world would you rather kick ass with? (I was gonna add Axl Rose too...maybe...). And so, the Super Action Friends Justice...League... was born...

The Game

So basically you just walk around and beat the crap out of stuff. There are the innocent people, like old ladies and little kids (which I have already made). And their dying animations are REALLY funny. I just play it over and over to beat them down. And then there are the bad guys. The people that really piss you off like hippies, zombies, pirates, ninjas and even more old people.

And now let me tell you a little about this "test":

Okay, now before this is played and I get more complaints than a one legged prostitute, let me say a few things:

-Yes, it will be longer.
-Yes, there will be more characters (Only Walter Conkite in this one)
-Yes, there will be better and more sounds.
-Yes, there will be more than one enemy.
-Yes, there will be WAY more innocent people to kill.
-In fact, I'm gonna give myself the benefit of the doubt and just say, "If there something wrong with it, or something you don't like, It'll be different =D)

The main point of this version is:

1. You guys can see what I'm talking about.
2. You can tell me if you think a full game of this would be boring so I don't waste my time and finish it just so that noone will play it. =P

I'm serious now, I want feedback! Good and bad welcome.

*note- Oh yeah, unlike the screenshot, the game is still in "Small Mode". It won't be fullscreen like the screenie until I get that program back. But you get the point...


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Posted by Muggus 30th November, 2002

Hahaha looks cool...although the game seemed to stop when I tried to walk into the Pawn shop... Seems decent!
Posted by JJ45 30th November, 2002

very fun, altough short. if im in the very left or right and kick/punch i get stuck. really fun game tho. lookin forward for the fullversion.
Posted by Andy G 1st December, 2002

Yeah I accidentally left in the bug where you freeze when leaving the play area. I could have SWORN I took it out! :-p
Posted by Death Reaper X 1st December, 2002

lol this is gr8, keep up the good work! :)
Posted by Sly 1st December, 2002

lol. This is very good! The sound effects fit in well, so well, infact that it makes you want to hit something else. Gives you a feeling of power. The sprites are very well animated and move realistically, and it's overall very humorous and fun to play. *smashes an old women in the teeth*
Posted by Sean 1st December, 2002

lol this gaM IS MAD FUN lol.i like cat wait for the real thing.
Posted by HOSJ 1st December, 2002

___________________AHEM____________________ This aint gunna go thru very well on Judgement Day....
Posted by Jason Orme 1st December, 2002

LOL! I love this, Scrolling beat em ups are my Fav! I make em all the time check out and get the bill gates games. Keep up the great work
Posted by Jason Orme 1st December, 2002

And yeah, but Axl Rose in it, G N R kick ass! oh and by the way, a little tip, to keep the pace of the game up , let there be objects you can use to your advantage,and surprise attacks by enemies like comming through doors, smashing through windows and maybe some cars to run you down :D
Posted by Steve T. 1st December, 2002

Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 9th December, 2002

This game had lots of bugs in it so when you get the program back make more stages and fix all those bugs!
Posted by Codemonkey 26th November, 2007
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this offends me.






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