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Beach Invasion II (Just a test)
Author: Andy G Submitted: 20th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 132

This is just a test of this with not a whole lot going on. I go into more of a description of my point of this test in the intro screen, but pretty much I've had some problems with the game and I want to see if it's on my end or not. Once in a while it will run choppy or the graphics will get extremely glitchy and random things will pop up.

If you guys would run this and then get back to me with any problems you've had then that would be great and I'd really appreciate it. I'll make sure to put all of you helpful people in the credits.

Oh yeah this is the sequel to Beach Invasion, if that wasn't obvious. You can find Beach Invasion under my downloads. Anyway enough plugging that here.

The controls are on the intro screen, but pretty much click is shoot.

Known bugs:

+Sometimes a guy will get killed and start to die (the animation) but keep on running and become invincible to bullets.

+I'm sure many of the other bugs are things I know about and just have not come around to fixing yet (such as the airplane being behind the men or the men running on top of the bunker.)

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 20th February, 2005

sounds like it could be an active object problem. Maybe too many objects.
Posted by Joey Drasal 20th February, 2005

yea u should put sound and there is a glitch with the plane and the mortors they wont kill the guys only the machine gun will. By the way nice demo i hope u finish it make it more intresting like a campaign and online and multiplayer and free play mode.
Posted by Andy G 20th February, 2005

BAKA- Yeah I'm afraid of that. I've tried to drastically reduce the number of active objects on screen and it seems like it's helped a bit. Joey- Thanks yeah I haven't made the mortars or planes kill yet I'm still getting around to that.
Posted by Joey Drasal 20th February, 2005

O yea and sometimes u can not kill the people.
Posted by -Vinny- 20th February, 2005

omg, you got my hopes up too -* stupid test only *- i've been waiting for the full version for soo long now, the first demo that i tried out was simply awesome, even without sounds it was good, the gfx - although what some may not consider to be good enough, i find them very amusing and fit very well with how the game plays damnit now i still gotta wait for the final version
Posted by Andy G 20th February, 2005

Joey- Yeah that happens sometimes. The guys get killed and then start to die but keep walking and are immune to bullets. Sensation- LOL sorry. Well the truth is that I put it off for a while and kind of took a break as school started back up. But I really want to get this one right, since the first Beach Invasion had so many bugs in it.
Posted by -Vinny- 20th February, 2005

oh then in that case i understand, i've got school to deal with as well -* school is ok only when your learning what you are interested in, the other crap i have no use for *- so yeah, i'd really love to see this finished
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 20th February, 2005

It sounds like you've used alterable values for the deaths, or something so bullets add one, when it gets to 3 die. If you do that then the animation gets interupted after you you shhot them again, the value is on 4 so they don't die. If this is what you've done, just use greater than or equal to, rather than just equal to.
Posted by Andy G 20th February, 2005

Thanks Jimmy I'll try that. I think you are right but I haven't looked yet. BAKA- Again...about how many active objects does it take until things start getting screwy? I set a counter to always display the number of active objects, and the game starts up with a wopping 70! That is without the troops deployed yet...I can't figure out how I have so many damn objects on the screen. The moving water adds about 10 or so, and the tank blocks add about 10 more. But there really isn't much going on outside the play area...I'd say about 10 more objects. 3 Higgins boats. 5 or so for the crosshairs...and I've already checked my "create object" commands to make sure something isn't being mass produced. I'm confused.
Posted by Yuhkaz 21st February, 2005

I suggest you port this to MMF, if you can. but anyway, Try not to let things go off the playfield unless they are moving in/out of sight. Destroy all projectiles that leave the screen, that helps. Just any objects that are static out of the playfield should be destroyed and created when they need to be used.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 21st February, 2005

You're welcome. 70 does sound like an unusually large starting value, but TGF only really starts messing up (and not just running slowly) at about 260. That said it'll often stop registering collisions with more than about 50 objects overlapping each other (as in, in one big group).





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