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Space Battle (Better then ever)
Author: royal knight software Submitted: 12th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 218

Shoot down the UFOS before they shoot down you.

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Posted by vortex2 12th November, 2002

well, i have to say that the interface is cool. i like the menu screen, and that you use transitions, which most pepole don't. some of the other areas of the game could use some work. to make the game better, i would have the direction of the bullets change if you shoot them a diffrent direction. i would probally make the bullets alot smaller, and have diffrent weapons, such as bullets and lasers. i would have power ups to add to your health, and i would have a meter to display you current health. i would have more levels, such as a time trial, and i would also mabey have intermident sheilds on the ships. i would probally have an explosion be created if a ship was destoryed, so it doesnt look like they are just disapperaing. i would probally use a star field instead of just plain black as well. on the MAIN title screen, i would have a story :). also, it might be a good idea on your ship to have sheilds. just work on these things, and your game will be ALOT better :).
Posted by royal knight software 12th November, 2002

hey. could you help me with a few things?
Posted by vortex2 13th November, 2002

sure, my email is i use mmf 1.5 right now .
Posted by vortex2 13th November, 2002

sure, my email is i use mmf 1.5 right now .





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