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Author: DaveC Submitted: 5th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 234

This is a game i gave up on a long time ago, i put it up here just to show it off really, laugh at the fact that no one will ever get to play the full version. The controls are

Shift is Jump
Crtl is Attack
"i" gives you all your items
Enter brings up your inventory
"n" gives u level ups

Some things to note: you can only attack when you have a sword equipped. remember to press "i" to get all your items and "enter" to bring up your inventory. This was just a test level so its basically just the engine. You cant kill the baddie yet...heh.

AND WHATEVER U DO DONT JUMP IN THE WATER BECAUSE U CANT JUMP BACK OUT! but its worth going in once or twice to see the swimming animations/movement.

i dont know if the screenies worked.......we'll see. have fun!

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Posted by CYS 5th January, 2003

Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2003

Well, Thats a Damn shame, this game has great artwork.
Posted by pZyko 5th January, 2003

what software did u use?
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2003

MMF I would Think
Posted by DaveC 5th January, 2003

errrrr mmf haha
Posted by AndyUK 5th January, 2003

well it looks good enough
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2003

So, you didnt make it with MMF?
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2003

So, you didnt make it with MMF?
Posted by Broomie 5th January, 2003

you really should carry on with this game...y did u give up
Posted by -_darkman_- 5th January, 2003

pity your not finishing this as its really good
Posted by Partack 5th January, 2003

DaveC is the suck =| i hate him >=| .. on the plus side, this game is pretty good xD
Posted by DaveC 5th January, 2003

I used mmf. Partack...*cough...orengade *cough... i stopped making the game because i lost a decent version of it and i didn't wanna fix all the bugs and redraw a good half of the game. im not lazy.
Posted by Elvn 5th January, 2003

Wow, This looks cool! downloading (:
Posted by Jason Orme 6th January, 2003

The game is great, shame the auther is a shit head who goes around insulting other games. Which he probely hasnt even played.
Posted by DaveC 6th January, 2003

lol i play them, it just pisses me off when im on 56k and i download a game that would have embarssed sony...
Posted by -_darkman_- 6th January, 2003

if your not finishing i then pass it on to someone,not me
Posted by Jason Orme 6th January, 2003

No one asked you to download them, they are here for the sake of being here, nothing more, they are old canned projects but i feel that they should still have a place on DC, Hell, there are tons of shitter games on DC, but it doesnt really matter, it just helps make the community stronger, Im not even saying the games i uploaded are good, Maybe if you read the description you would know, that just DROP THIS, its immature, and id expect better from somone who posted this, however,even in your description you sound like a big headed jack off!
Posted by Simdrone052 7th January, 2003

Mmm, BG artwork isnt that great, the animations are okay though, engine rules! I really wish you finished this, reminds me of red feud with better gfx...
Posted by DaveC 8th January, 2003

haha big headed im sorry, its ok tho ppl im making a much better/worse game at the moment.
Posted by Smeggy 10th January, 2003

Ok...Then this is cool errr I Think?!?!
Posted by pr0 17th March, 2003

is that a custom platform engine?




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