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Author: DaveC Submitted: 4th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 294

Edited By Tom C Hurst on 2/4/2003

This is just a quick game i made on my last day of holidays, its only small, nothing huge but hopefully at least one person (maybe an old skool gamer) will get some enjoyment out of this.

The game is based off the game and watch classic of the same name, use the arrows keys to catch the falling parachuters and gain points. Theres nothing more to it then that i dont think...just try to get a good highscore!

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Posted by Broomie 4th February, 2003

Why is this classed as an adventure game
Posted by JohnsProgram 4th February, 2003

404 error? You better fix that url...
Posted by JohnsProgram 4th February, 2003

This game reminds me of a Game & Watch game called Parachute. I guess it's almost like that.
Posted by Joe.H 4th February, 2003

lol @ John. Dave says that "The game is based off the game and watch classic of the same name"
Posted by LilSean 4th February, 2003

Link is broken
Posted by Justin 4th February, 2003

just copy and paste it into your browser, someone acciedently put a space in the url so remove it and it will work fine. I like this game simple is fun :-)
Posted by TomH 4th February, 2003

The URL is now fixed people.
Posted by Spram 4th February, 2003

The only difference between this and the Game and Watch game are: Better graphics, parachuters move smoothly and music (Diddy Kong Racing). For the file size it's ok. Difficulty levels would have made it more fun.
Posted by Ashman 4th February, 2003
Posted by TomH 4th February, 2003

Ash: If you keep on posting that crappy pic i will kill you.
Posted by CYS 5th February, 2003

You can also download the game here (faster server)
Posted by DaveC 5th February, 2003

heh whoops i didnt realise it was an adventure game...
Posted by AfterStar 5th February, 2003

WHAT WHAT? A simple,but good gamewaster(in the good sense of course!) =)
Posted by Ashman 5th February, 2003

LOL @ Tom C Hurst.....sorry! I'll be good!
Posted by The Gonz 6th February, 2003

The original parachuting game was Skydiver, an Atari coinop from 1976 that Owen Rubin designed and programmed. You can read about that game at, maintained by yours truly!
Posted by Weston L 18th February, 2003

Nice professional setup. Game has nice graphics. A classic too! Oh, and that's quite a wild pic Ashman.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 27th February, 2003

ahhhhhh ashmans pictures giving me nightmares





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