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Paul the Penguin-DEMO
Author: Penguin Seph Submitted: 24th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 111

Edited By Wizard Games on 2/24/2003

A Wizard Games Game

You play as Paul the Penguin as he tries to save Penguin City from Dr. Polar`s lazer. But Paul is not one of those nice and fuffy pengins, oh no... Paul is a hard talking KILLER punguin... Useing his shotgun fight robots, Polar Bear`s and the undead to stop Dr. Polar, this is one game you will enjoy...

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Posted by Broomie 24th February, 2003

Not bad... the thing I liked was the explosion of the bullets and enemy penguins. Cool. 8) You could add some music though.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th February, 2003

Posted by funkyseaweed 25th February, 2003

Good game :). I liked the shooting, but the movement was a bit hard.
Posted by Penguin Seph 25th February, 2003

Thanks, I think I will make the window smaller and upload a diffent demo... Note on Level 4 the rocks don`t kill you, but the iceices do...
Posted by Broomie 26th February, 2003

From WCB's Review... The plot of this game is rather threadbare, it has to be said - that Doctor Polar is going to destroy Penguin City, and that you as the hero have to stop him. Still, rubbish plots never hurt platform games - look at Sonic the Hedgehog, for example. It ain't a rubbish plot it's cool! 8)
Posted by Penguin Seph 26th February, 2003

Thanks! Can someone tell me what I sould chash? I have added in checkpoints. And who has all 4 Golden Penguins yet?
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 27th February, 2003

not bad id give it a 6 or 7 if i could be bothered to write a review
Posted by [ The Crookz ] 3rd March, 2003

real fun game! I got 3 gold Penguins!
Posted by Penguin Seph 4th March, 2003

Posted by Jack Galilee 20th June, 2003

A ok game u just need to learn how to USE YOUR GOD DAMN GAME FACTORY!
Posted by Blackgaze 14th August, 2003

wow, on screenshot1 the lives. that looks like a charater i made years ago called "Pecks". anyway nice game.





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