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Paul the Penguin REDUX - DEMO
Author: Penguin Seph Submitted: 29th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 117

Edited By Wizard Games on 8/29/2003

A Wizard Games Game

1st things 1st, why is it called "Redux"? Because I got the code back from the old demo I'd uploaded and after my hard drive got formated, I got the code back. And Redux sound's cool.

You play as Paul the Penguin as he tries to save Penguin City from Dr. Polar`s lazer. But Paul is not one of those nice and fuffy pengins, oh no... Paul is a hard talking KILLER punguin... Using his shotgun fight robots, Polar Bear`s and the undead to stop Dr. Polar, this is one game you will enjoy...

This game has:

*8 levels
*2 bosses
*8 different baddies to blast
*A cheat you can only get by finishing the demo
*A killer penguin


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Posted by Penguin Seph 29th August, 2003

Edit-fixed the title- It was "Paul the Penguin REDUX-DEMO"
Posted by Mark 29th August, 2003

Slooooooooooowwwwwwww Download
Posted by Tom 29th August, 2003

Woah! 2kb a second with broadband. I suggest you upload your files somewhere else.
Posted by Tom 29th August, 2003

Good things: -It has a penguin with a gun XD. -The music is quite nice. -It's quite fun to play. Bad things: -No custom movement. -Some use of TGF libs. -Graphics could be greatly improved. I think everyone should download this and give some helpful advice. This game does have alot of potential.
Posted by Death Reaper X 29th August, 2003

It's very cute :) I think you should be able to duck though :) Not far when the enemies can shoot you but you can't crouch down to avoid it :D
Posted by ChrisB 29th August, 2003

Eek! Why do so many people insist on using Freewebs? X( I'll tell you tomorrow, but only if it finishes downloading by then.
Posted by Penguin Seph 30th August, 2003

LOL "pinguin!"
Posted by Penguin Seph 30th August, 2003

LOL "pinguin" X-D
Posted by Keatonian 30th August, 2003

Testing - X)
Posted by Keatonian 30th August, 2003

Posted by Pete Nattress 30th August, 2003

i like the blood when you shoot the animals! but the graphics are quite poor. the defualt movement... well, i don't have a problem with that, because your level desgins work with it. keep working on the graphics and this game could be quite fun :).
Posted by J.J 30th August, 2003

Posted by J.J 30th August, 2003

Posted by J.J 30th August, 2003

Posted by J.J 30th August, 2003

hmmm..... ??
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 30th August, 2003 confusedXD is Paul wizard games? or am i completly lost? :S
Posted by Penguin Seph 30th August, 2003

Paul is NOT me! NOT! X-D
Posted by TH333 30th August, 2003

This game has got great potential but needs serious help. 1-Graphics: Don't use TGF Libs 2-Movement: Is the movement supposed to be so slow or is it just my computer? 3-Credits: If you are going to use TGF's stuff, then at least give them some credit (like for their GFX). 4-Music: Why does everyone use music from Sonic The Hedghog? There are plenty of other good songs on (Actually, alot more than plenty.) I'm not trying to be rude or put you down but all of these things are true.
Posted by Penguin Seph 30th August, 2003

1-Doing now 2-It's just you 3-See 1 4-I like sonic! Anyway, they're remixes
Posted by Mr. Esch 30th August, 2003

I think that this game could be great (with better gfx)! I agree with "Trycen of G.F.G." the movement and directions are slighthly cacked up (no offence) and you shouldnt upload it to freewebs AND it shouldnt be opensource either! Besides that IT'S GREAT
Posted by Kris 30th August, 2003

I think the title "Attack of the black dalek" would be more appropriate
Posted by Tom 30th August, 2003

Probably. Anyway I think you should make a custom movement. I hate sticking to walls and platforms...
Posted by Mr. Esch 31st August, 2003

Just because it isnt a custom movement doesnt mean that this has to happen, simple lines of code can stop things like sticking to walls from happening, also with the slowly looping ladder trick aswell
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 31st August, 2003

J.J must really like it cos he's smilin away...
Posted by Yikes 31st August, 2003

Under 5 points: Thumbs down and over 5 points: Thumbs up. The graphics are not extremely good, but not extremely bad either. 1 point. Gameplay is kind of weird. It is not Very good, but there is still something magical about it. 2 Points. The shotgun is good made with bullets and explosions and all, but you should have made MORE weapons. 1 points The ice boss was my favorite. It was cool, with many different attack modes and all that. 2 points. Congratulations! 6 points, and we have a THUMBS UP!
Posted by renneF 1st September, 2003

if there will be a 'paul the penguin 2' i would very much like to help work on it! i have some good ideas
Posted by Silveraura 1st September, 2003

The only thing I don't like about this game is the music. Sonic music is good for sometimes just listening to, & maybe for if you are making a Sonic fangame (I'm not againced fangames!;-)), but please don't ruin your original idea, & graphics with unoriginal (remixed) music. If you look hard enough over the net you WILL find goos music, here let me help you out. :-) I just hate to see an original game be ruined because of its music.
Posted by Kramy 2nd September, 2003

Freewebs is evil...they only allow 2kb download speeds! I can get triple that off a 56k modem anywhere. I personally prefer geocities for hosting files, although they do lock people out after about 5mbs have been downloaded. They do give great download speeds, however(165kb/sec for me usually) which makes downloading a 5 mb game take about 30-35 seconds.....only 16 minutes until 2mb freeweb download complete...
Posted by Max 3rd September, 2003

What kind of people would insist on placing a 2k/sec limit on downloads? That's utterly ridiculous. Well, I'm downloading the game now.
Posted by Penguin Seph 10th April, 2004

Does anyone look at this? I could post things like, YAY 4 PENGINS!!
Posted by renneF 28th July, 2004

Penguins rule
Posted by renneF 28th July, 2004

Posted by Reno 29th May, 2005






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