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Seal Boy DEMO
Author: Penguin Seph Submitted: 26th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 136

Edited By Wizard Games on 7/26/2003

Edited By Wizard Games on 7/26/2003

Edited By Wizard Games on 7/26/2003

This is a demo of seal boy.

You are seal boy, a boy who was bitten by a radioactive seal. The story is in the intro at the start of the game.

The Controls are:
Arrow keys-Move

I hope you enjoy it!

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Posted by Penguin Seph 26th July, 2003

Got it working!
Posted by SircatmaN 27th July, 2003

Not a bad game haha. The boss is pretty hard, but only because the orbs it shoot at you are always very precise, you have to learn how they move before you can pass it, took me 4 tries! Although Seal boy seams to be an editted megaman 1 sprite ;) You might want to try your hand at creating Seal Boy his own body. Other than that not a bad game indeed. It did annoy me when I finally beat the boss and the screen just says "Oh bugger, that must be the end of the demo" lol, it took me ages to beat that thing!
Posted by Penguin Seph 27th July, 2003

Thanks! I plan on making the player do many things to finish the game, like on level 5 you will have to defuse a bomb!
Posted by gareth 27th July, 2003

i found the boss easy,i like the map idea, althought the map didnt look that good, not a bad game tho
Posted by Silveraura 28th July, 2003

Sounds alot like the SpiderMan Story! Man gets bit by radio active spider, gets spider power. Boy gets bit by radio active seal, gets seal power.
Posted by ChrisB 25th August, 2003






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