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3D space Engine
Author: zago Submitted: 21st March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 398

Edited By zago on 3/21/2003

3D space engine
this demo show my 3D space engine for TGF (and mmf).
the demo include a small mission to show the features of the 3D space engine
directione key = 360 move
shift = accelerate
space = retro
control = shot
a & d = strafe

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Posted by Eric 21st March, 2003

looks interesting, i think i will download it
Posted by Eric 21st March, 2003

hmmm, its good in the sense that 3d in the games factory is hard to pull off, but i personally do not think i would want to play a game like this. the rocks overlap the ship and everything is hectic, stick to 3d game makers like jamagic for 3d games, but thats just my opinion
Posted by Galaxy613 21st March, 2003

is this open-source? soon I'll find out.. ***Downloading..***
Posted by Galaxy613 21st March, 2003

Posted by Alex Scobell 22nd March, 2003

Yeah shut up Erix this rocks. Its so cool. I was actually thinking of making something like this. I would prefer a 1rd person view but this is still great! You go. Also you can rednder a better quality spaceship then that.
Posted by zago 22nd March, 2003

TNX to all! for now is not open source ( the code is a mess .. i must optimize it before release the Open source)
Posted by Chace 22nd March, 2003

PLS upload this again when its open source! I really wanna use this engine! This should definitly win GOTW!
Posted by Galaxy613 22nd March, 2003

AND when the game come out, GOTW AGAIN!
Posted by Reaven Khali 22nd March, 2003

Very nice, I think the 3D is off though with the movement of the commics, but the engine is nice and well done. You notice you can't ever make it to mars though?
Posted by skatekid 22nd March, 2003

Add a better aiming system.
Posted by zago 22nd March, 2003

tnx! one question: how i can put this Download in first page od DC?
Posted by Chace 22nd March, 2003

You're not meant to get to Mars...:P
Posted by Eric 22nd March, 2003

I was just putting in my oppinion, thats my oppinion on it, but apparently now "i suck"
Posted by zago 22nd March, 2003

Mars is untouchable :)
Posted by Galaxy613 22nd March, 2003

Zago you have to ask a admin, and I don't think that they put BETAS on the front page
Posted by zago 22nd March, 2003

oppinion are oppinion ... why u sucks for one oppinion.. tnx.. but not for me ;)
Posted by zago 22nd March, 2003

is not beta
Posted by Deathbringer 22nd March, 2003

No, its an engine, which makes it less than a beta XD
Posted by HOSJ 22nd March, 2003

hmmm.. is that a Klingon B'Rel class in the first screen? For all you other Trekkies out there. :D The green ship on the lower right.
Posted by HOSJ 22nd March, 2003

oh and downloading :)
Posted by Weston L 22nd March, 2003

This deserves GOTW in my opinion, its AWESOME! Think about all the coding that's gone into this.
Posted by HOSJ 22nd March, 2003

CRAP!!!! THATS AWESOME!!!!!!! This r0xx0rs!! w00t! How in **&^ earth did you do that in TGF?!?!?!?!!?!? could you make it a bit slower, and online? :D Oh and the enemys DO look EXACTLY like a Klingon warship.
Posted by HOSJ 22nd March, 2003

hm. you posted at the same time as me, weston.
Posted by OOOPPPs 22nd March, 2003

Erhmm... theres only 1 thing i see wrong with this engine, its that the astroids scroll too fast relative to the space ships movement. Other than that its good.
Posted by Simon Colmer 23rd March, 2003

looks good, downloading now
Posted by zago 23rd March, 2003

Quote: No, its an engine, which makes it less than a beta ... yes u right... but other enignes are on GOTW!
Posted by Dogzer 25th March, 2003

my ass is on fire
Posted by zago 26th March, 2003

Posted by Galaxy613 1st April, 2003

Hsoj should of did 7/10, IF he did his math...
Posted by zago 2nd April, 2003

yes :) .... but for a "graphics engine" the sound and lastabilty are less important
Posted by Dogzer 5th April, 2003

I love 3d engines! *kiss zago* I love you!
Posted by pr0 28th May, 2003

what is the point of this engine? its locked. How is it an engine anyway... I dont know.
Posted by |Dream| 2nd June, 2003

LoL! Nice Job, Keep Up the Good work!
Posted by zago 4th June, 2003

Pixelthief .. the Chansey'2 3d space is worst accordin to me.... 1) my engine don't use extentions 2) C3dspace don't have a orizzontal roation (& my not vertical) ... and have a bad movement...
Posted by Lupo 21st September, 2004

O_O Awesome! GOTW! GOTW!!!! .. ;D
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

WoHoo nice engine. i think it's very good. Have you based it on star trek: bridge commander?
Posted by vrba79 4th April, 2007

I LOVE this.





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