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Jurassic Park
Author: eyeangle Submitted: 18th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 156

Edited By Edwin Street on 9/21/2012

Travel through 6 raptor pens shooting raptors and finding keys to get out. Hide under trees and shrubs and make sure they don't see you.

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Posted by Assault Andy 19th June, 2003

It's pretty good, can be annoying that you can't shoot from under trees, and that the trees block the raptors. Nice game though.
Posted by Galaxy613 20th June, 2003

You don't just type in "jpsmall.gif" and let it find your file you have to type in "" duh
Posted by Roy van Kaathoven 21st June, 2003

it crashes in level 4
Posted by yuyu 23rd June, 2003

A fun game? They just keep getting rarer and rarer Welldone Edwin
Posted by aaron_brammer 30th June, 2003

really fun but the dinosaurs look like aboriginal artwork, it doesnt suit the game well, you should rip some sprites from the jurassic park game for snes, its an overhead game and should have everything you need





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