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The Mystery of the Three Moons
Author: eyeangle Submitted: 6th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 186

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Edited By Edwin Street on 3/31/2008

To discover the mystery of the three moons by collecting all 3 moons and collecting moneybags to shoot enemies.

Jump = shift
Shoot = Ctrl
Left = left arrow
Right = right arrow

Easy to control custom movement.

Sega Master System type.

From the original Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

You travel through land, underground, sky and water levels. If you have enough money you can continue your game.

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Posted by Spram 7th September, 2003

Fix the screenies. I cannot view the screenshots.
Posted by istvan 8th September, 2003

are they original graphics or ripped?
Posted by eyeangle 8th September, 2003

All ripped from the Sega Master System game Alex Kidd in Miracle World. That was the point in making it. It will bring back a lot of cool memories for people.
Posted by Galaxy613 8th September, 2003

at least he tells the truth...
Posted by UF Comtec 9th September, 2003

So what if they are ripped? Geeeeeez.
Posted by eyeangle 9th September, 2003

Okay, when I made this game I was going back to the 1980s. I loved the games back then and wanted to bring them back if not for a short time. I download the rom Alex Kidd in Miracle World & Wonderboy in Monster Land. I guess you had to play these games to see where I'm coming from. If you had a Sega Master System then the Alex Kidd game was already built in so The Mystery of the Three Moons is guaranteed to bring you back some fun memories. That is my reason for ripping everything. If you want to see my real works download Strike-Down 3. No graphics are ripped as I never do.
Posted by Red Crystal 11th September, 2003

Ummm O...K Great game, well laid out levels (although some are a bit simple)! BUT after spending a long time getting to the sword weilding bear, I have come to the conclusion that... HE CANNOT BE KILLED! Anyway nice game... Also, when the guy says I need 1000 coins to proceed, I get to keep playing anyway even though I only have about 270 coins! Overall, good!
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 30th November, 2003

i just rode ur mail and then just downloaded your game so i still didn't finished it. in a reply of yours at ur reviews page, you said :"is guaranteed to bring you back some fun memories. That is my reason for ripping everything." it worked on me. I had fun to see the fusion between wonder boy and alex kid(games I love), and seeing originals construcions. but the musics stop after the first part of a section. thats domage. great game anyway
Posted by Va1entine 15th December, 2003

the musics alex kid and so r the graphics, nice idea but a little dull! a little bag that fire's bullits doesn't work for me sorry!!!
Posted by eyeangle 24th March, 2007

For all of those who read this and want to finish the game. Stand on the cloud that you fall on towards the end of the cloud levels. You will know the level because there is only one cloud in the level and the level is pretty bare. Stand on the cloud and get struck by the blue bolt of lightening that comes after 3 seconds. Then you turn blue and in the next level fall into the water and you will go into the water world. You can only finish the game this way for the real ending.
Comment edited by ESP on 6/11/2008
Posted by Rich Datson 8th March, 2011

It was ok, would've liked it to be scrolling though.
I couldn't get past that rotten volcano level






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