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Yoshers Island (Orig mario clone)
Author: pr0 Submitted: 28th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 252

Edited By Flipskillz on 7/2/2003


Play an early preview of flipteam's latest original creation. In Yoshers Island, your objective is very similar to Mario. You hop on heads and shoot balls to get to the top. In Yoshers Island everything is acting, you don't save anyone. The objective is to impress your fans (which is quite hard to tell from the preview but whatevs). This game was entered into the competition, theres probably better games out there but a lot of hard work was put into this game so I took a chance.

main features:

+completly original hand drawn gfx
+completly original platform engine
+complex aiming system
+multi-layered parallaxing

Preview contains 1 (incomplete but not bad) level.

Esc - Skip Intro
Z - Activate Aimer
Arrows - Move
Shift - Jump
F2 - Restart

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Posted by -Oka- 29th June, 2003

Looks nice ;)
Posted by Maddie 29th June, 2003

WOW i cant believe this isnt front page stuff!
Posted by Arvid Ögren 30th June, 2003

Well made... but its a bit hard to understand what to do...
Posted by Frank D 1st July, 2003

This game is attractive. cool engine. better than other games. good yoshi's island clone. Orig gfx 2.
Posted by Frank D 3rd July, 2003

All the peeps that say this game sucks are dumb. Its pretty cool this game. The Gfx are sweet. All i have to say is Wow. Like really, Wow........ Wow...
Posted by AndyUK 4th July, 2003

can't see anything wrong with it at all! well the way the man runs is odd.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 7th January, 2007

Dead link...





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