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Yoshi's Island ENGINE
Author: pr0 Submitted: 7th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 799

Edited By pr0 on 3/17/2004

I would say this can be quite useful for a dreamer. It shows the power of TGF and all of its possibilities. Also shows how to create a customized movement based on the type of game.

Use this platform engine to create your own yoshi's island style game. The engine demostrates how to create a yoshi style aimer (using sine and cosine), hop on heads, new platform styles, and a variaty of other things.

This source is basicly an open source Nanobiz.

Please give credit if you use this engine.

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Posted by FierceDeity 8th July, 2003

It doesnt work, although it looks good. It just says "Cannot find GFMATH.GOX!"
Posted by RapidFlash 8th July, 2003

You're going to have to download the extension, then.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 8th July, 2003

gfmath.gox is included in the zip file, as is the required math2.gox.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 8th July, 2003

hey, nice job...not saying much because i suck at coding, but great for tgf users!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th July, 2003

what about "kcmath.cox"? i got mmf 1.5
Posted by Sami 8th July, 2003

Next time make it as a game with an exe file but make it readable (if that what you wanted)
Posted by pr0 8th July, 2003 this is where you can get the required extensions for MMF
Posted by Monkey Soft 9th July, 2003

you can't use THAT name... I mean Yoshi's Island... :O I'n downloading only for this
Posted by Jason Orme 9th July, 2003

Its a engine.. its not a game Monkeysoft.. And great stuff, Yoshis Island was one of my favourite games on the Snes
Posted by Monkey Soft 9th July, 2003

I know that, Jason, it's my favourite game EVER...
Posted by FierceDeity 9th July, 2003

I got the game working and WOAH what a lot of code... Im not sure i can make a game using this engine. But worth the look. :)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 13th July, 2003

Cool! IF it contains all the techniques available in tgf then does it have an online part that can enable unlimited users?
Posted by FierceDeity 2nd October, 2003

Im atually using some of this engine in my game :)
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 7th November, 2003

WOW. Very nice job. This is a thing of beauty. However, recomended for newbies is not very accurate (almost 300 events!!!!!!!)
Posted by 10th January, 2006

Great Job! Seems like the old classic!..well almost!
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 7th January, 2007

Quite buggy...





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