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Comments from Duncan: Gravitorb is one of those gravity-affected space shooter games. It involves navigating a little spaceship around some planetary landscapes, shooting turrets and baddies, collecting gems/powerups, while constantly fighting against the force of gravity. You can land your spaceship on any flat surface, provided the angle and velocity are just right. The gameplay is difficult, and frustrating, but masterable in such a way that you will (probably) really enjoy yourself! The game features 15 puzzly levels (with a save feature), and also a two player deathmatch with 10 arenas.

The graphics in Gravitorb are RETRO: that is, big block colours, distinctly square-shaped scenery, clunky explosions and a deliciously basic triangular spaceship. It looks horrible, but in a charismatic way.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Posted by Rikus 22nd March, 2008
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This game has been made part of the "GOTW Games REVIVAL project." Both the screenshots and Game have been uploaded to our own server to preserve this game for years to come.
Posted by Duncan 22nd March, 2011

The link and title are incorrect - Gravitorb 2 came later and won GOTW #20. I still have Gravitorb 1 somewhere if you want to fix this for posterity.






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