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Bamboo Dragon Warrior
Author: Mr Game Uploader Submitted: 15th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 462
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Edited By Rikus on 3/19/2008

Made by: Mouldy Old Productions

Bamboo Dragon Warrior is like a bad kung fu movie disguised as a Klik & Play game. It's two-player, and features weapons, breakable scenery, bonus stages, cheesy cut scenes, awful voice acting, and a boss guy to see how good you are.

All the graphics, music and some of the sounds are original, and the game is in 800*600 full colour to make the most of the photos and painted backgrounds. There is a 256 colour version available (nearly 30% smaller at 21Mb) and a single level demo.

I ran into size limits in Klik & Play while making this game, which restricted what I could do. But if you can stand a bit of arty nonsense in your martial arts, give this game a try - it's gotta be one of the best K&P fighting games out there.

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Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 20th June, 2002

Posted by DaVince 20th August, 2007

Posted by Rikus 19th March, 2008
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This game has been made part of the "GOTW Games REVIVAL project." Both the screenshots and Game have been uploaded to our own server to preserve this game for years to come.
Posted by oldgamesrbetter 1st February, 2018
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Been looking for this for a long time. Always stood out in my mind when I think of classic KNP games.





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