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RPG Battle System #2
Author: Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) Submitted: 10th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 553

Edited By Jirru on 11/14/2003

Edited By Jirru on 11/14/2003

Edited By Jirru on 7/12/2003

This is the second version of my first RPG engine, it still doesn't have comments but you can understand, I added a new spell called "Flash", here are the things you can add,

Spells:When clicked on the spell button show a menu of spells then when clicked on one of then create the spell.

Attack:You could make the character move to the enemy then slash him or teleport it to the enemy.

Okay! All done! I think you could add more but I can think of only that right now, it took me 30mins to wip this up so its not so perfect, I just wanted to share my RPG battle system with you RPG fans, BTW, I am using this enginen for one of my games, goodluck!!!

Okay! Working download now! I think so...

Link updated again! Hope it works this time!

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Posted by Joe.H 11th July, 2003

cant download it (says its not there)
Posted by Lordmarte 12th July, 2003

cant download it
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 12th July, 2003

Hmmm....weird...let me go check on the url
Posted by Joe.H 12th July, 2003

You could do a defend option (cuts damage by 25% or summat), or even a counter option (50% chance of countering an attack)
Posted by Joe.H 12th July, 2003

oh... i see youve got defend... well, how about doing sommat like limit breaks?
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 13th July, 2003

Limit breaks??? Cool! Thanks for it! I think I can cut the damage by half! Can you even understand whats in the event board???
Posted by Joe.H 13th July, 2003

i think the flash spell should blind enemies so they cant see you for about 3 turns (always miss attacks etc.)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 15th July, 2003

Oh! Sorry... I think I should make that instead of super damage.
Posted by philip 2343654 16th August, 2003

cant download...
Posted by Marine 22nd August, 2003

It's good and I liked it but shouldn't you put more spells, limit breaks, more fights at time, 2 player mode, and levels to save.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 12th September, 2003

Never thought rpg's could have two player modes. And this is only the Battle System. There are RPG engines around the internet just search. Even in DC too.
Posted by Paul FitzGerald 4th October, 2003

ur fuckin link doesnt work!
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 5th November, 2003

Dam link... correct it! This ting sounds sweet.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 14th November, 2003

copy & paste link it should work
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 14th November, 2003

Do a save target as it should work with no problem!
Posted by Mr Icekirby 30th January, 2004

Posted by insecuresk8 21st October, 2004

how come no-one else can dwnload it. i can.
Posted by AndyUK 10th December, 2004

i got it
Posted by Crazy Chris 22nd September, 2005

Is this for tgf or mmf I cant tell cause im wasted.





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