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Smiley Trainer (Project Canceled)
Author: Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) Submitted: 9th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 79

Edited By Jirru on 11/14/2003

A game that was inspired by Monster Rancher. In this game you train smilies instead of monsters. More smilies will come out, you can help me out by making some and sending them to me in .gam format. Now i need suggestions on creating the 'not accesible yet' areas. if you had any suggestions please email me or put it in the comments.

I'm sorry I had to cancel this project. See you all on my next upcomming project!

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 11th August, 2003

Yeah really basic, but an improvement. I suggest that you put more of the custom type of menus you used in the training. Also The training is a bit boring, bt I suppose that's just because of it's early state. But still a good job.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 11th August, 2003

That's great but you didn't tell me how should I change the training? Like the fighting training? or the running? Oh and I put an rpg battle system for the fighting training because I was thinking about making the tournament like it. Any ideas? Like where should I put it?
Posted by Strife 16th August, 2003

If you need some ideas for a monster-training game (or just inspiration), check out Monster Trainer Z by Zyx in the Downloads section of TDC. Now THAT's an addicting game. :D
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 12th September, 2003

Ah yes! Played that game and it rocks! Gave me more inspiration. But that's not enough to get me started on the training system...That game uses a turn based battle and i don't even know how to program such thing...





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