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Penguin Dash 3
Author: Zi-Xiao Submitted: 8th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 231

Edited By Jerry on 11/23/2003

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Edited By Jerry on 8/8/2003

Edited By Jerry on 8/8/2003

The 3rd installment in the Penguin Dash series. The 1st two games are getting reworked. Don't worry about the story, just enjoy the pictures. The entire series is based off of an inside joke between some friends of mine so don't worry if things dont make sense. Theres not much to understand anyways.

Penguin Dash 3 is basically another trampoline game. You play as two penguins holding a trampoline on which Wayne must bounce off of to collect items. Combos are scored by collecting more than one item with a single bounce. Don't touch bombs and dont hit the ground.

Left and Right arrows contorl the penguins.

Have fun

If you like this game and are looking for more pengin mayhem expect Penguin Dash 1 and 2 to be released sometime.

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Posted by Zi-Xiao 8th August, 2003

screen shots are scaled down versions of the actual game. If you cant see em, just click on em. They should show up.
Posted by MaT [Blue Storm] 9th August, 2003

Link doesn't work. 404 Page Not Found.
Posted by CYS 9th August, 2003

don't work
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 9th August, 2003

just copy and paste the link guys;)
Posted by Mitch M 9th August, 2003

I updated it ke'! :)
Posted by Pete Nattress 9th August, 2003

looks good, downloadin'...
Posted by Pete Nattress 9th August, 2003

is this game hard or is it just me? 3550 was me top score. its a fun game, i love the graphics, the presentation is très good, the engine works fine. i did find it quite frustrating at some points because of the acceleration/decellaration of the trampoline. but maybe that's just me. also, i think the game requires a bit more luck than it does skill, but thats half the fun. good job.
Posted by Kris 9th August, 2003

Haha, this is a work of genius. Thumbs up
Posted by Death Reaper X 9th August, 2003

I completely suck at it! But it's very good, nice and smooth! :) Bouncing against the sides adds to gameplay I guess, but makes it twice as hard because normally I bounce straight back and don't have a change to catch the guy :D And it's annoyingly addictive (which is good) :D
Posted by Pete Nattress 9th August, 2003

i cant stop playing this fucking game! i've got to 9500. bring it.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 9th August, 2003

for those of you who are having problems controling the bouncing, try reading the help. In general, to keep Wayne from bouncing all over the place, try to make him land in the CENTER of the trampoline. And if he does happen to bounce out of control, simply counter the direction of the motion in which he's bouncing by catching him on the appropriate edge of the trampoline. Its a hard game for sure and it takes practice.
Posted by CYS 9th August, 2003

Posted by Pkeod 9th August, 2003

I rember the old games of these... too bad it not original noty noty! Never the less it was a few minutes of fun... Next time? I say fix the diffaculty levels! (or at least add them ^-^) It was very annoying when you hit the guy ONCE and he super accelulreated to oblivion... bloody oblivion that is.
Posted by ChrisB 10th August, 2003

I was dreading this download... fortunately, it was an FTP server. *phew* I think Construction Bob was better. In fact, I'm going off to play Construction Bob now. At least that didn't have stupid bombs which appeared right in the path of your character. Grr... (no, I don't have a problem with the controls, I just don't expect a stupid bomb to float down in the way of my flying fool) Oh, and I liked the intro. I just have two problems with the game: 1. Why are there bombs falling from the sky? If they came from the blimp, wouldn't they have exploded? o_O 2. If you hit the left side of the trampoline, your momentum should shift to the right, and vice versa. Okay, now go play Construction Bob (go to - it's on Arcade/Action in V-Cade 3) and see which one plays better. :P
Posted by Blackgaze 11th August, 2003

its good, very good but i hate the damn bombs (when i respawned, the charater when straight into a bomb, i couldn't prevent it)





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