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Robotron Blitz
Author: Zi-Xiao Submitted: 14th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 325
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Jerry on 10/16/2004

Before we get on with the facy stuff let me say this first:
There are TWO control schemes, one is complex one is not. If you feel intimidated by the inadequency to handle the controls, DON'T DOWNLOAD it and don't BITCH about controls if you do decide to download. Secondly, yes it IS a big file for a robotron game but I have already aknowledged this, and I don't need a whole bunch of whiny comments for 56k users. No one is putting a gun to your head to download the game, so if its too big for you, DON'T DOWNLOAD. I would rather have 0 downloads than 10 complaints. However, constructive criticism on faithfulness to the original and technical details are more than welcome.

Quick Description
With that out of the way, Robotron Blitz is a game made for the Retro Remakes competition. Its basically Robotron with update graphics and hyped up gameplay. It is VERY difficult as many other web communities has pointed out especially if your not familiar with the control scheme. I may release an easy version later if theres any demand for it.

Arrow keys - control movement. You can move in eight directions

W,S,A,D - acts as another 'directional cross' for shooting. Think of this control scheme as similar to the one seen in the original robotron arcade or smash tv.

Ctrl - this key will shoot in the same direction you are facing.

Shift - will make you strafe. In other words, you can still move in 8 directions but your direction will stay the same.

Space - Just to seperate the remake from the original slightly, I added a dive or dodge function. By pressing Space and holding another arrow key, you will dive in the direction indicated by the arrow. You can only dive in 4 directions. You cannot get hit while your diving but watch out WHERE you dive. You don't wanna come out of your dive in the middle of a crowd of angry robots.

You can either opt to use the Arrow keys, WSAD and Space or the Arrow keys Ctrl Shift and Space. I personally recommend the former even though it takes a while to get used to.

At the main menu you can press + and - on your keypad to increase or decrease a small, barely visible counter in the top right hand corner of your screen which corresponds with the wave you will jump to once you select to star a new game. Max wave is 20 and minimum wave is 1 since the game just loops once you hit wave 20 and increases difficulty.

Final words
I'll admit the game is a little hard to get into but once you get past the control difficulties, the game is a blast to play. So please give it a while before passing judgement. The game was also whipped up in two weeks so its not as polished as it could have been.
The game, as many have pointed out, is not entirely faithful to the original Robotron. This is mainly because I have never playd Robotron before. The next version will be much more faithful since I have been provided with many means which to access the original game.

Have fun!

Review This Download (about 7mb )

Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 15th October, 2004

I clicked the screenshot and it took me to the front page :|
Posted by Zi-Xiao 15th October, 2004

thats messed up
Posted by Ecstazy 15th October, 2004

Wow, this game's fun. Quite difficult at later levels.
Posted by Ecstazy 15th October, 2004

Oh, and the shooting controls are great.
Posted by Noyb 15th October, 2004

Fun, but the difficulty curve seems very steep.
Posted by CYS 15th October, 2004

Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 15th October, 2004

Best game ever. Period.
Posted by Tauman 16th October, 2004

0_0 wow...jus, jus wow *salutes* most pwnage I've come across in quite a while
Posted by Kris 17th October, 2004

i'm sure i just downloaded this on o_O nice coincidence. great game too, just a bit hard
Posted by Bruce Juice 24th October, 2004

That game was the best game I've ever downloaded from the daily click. It has everything a game needs, ADDICTION. Eveygame needs a good reasong to come back for more. It's a awesome fast paced game. This game is the bomb.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 25th October, 2004

To beat the boss, just keep pounding him with uzi shots. When he fires his machine guns, dive towards them. When they come back at you, dive towards them again. If he fires the blue balls either run to the side or dive out of the way if your not quick enough. In the boss level, you dive further than you normally would and your dive meter fills up pretty quickly. @ Christopher_87 - congrats for making it to the boss. Most people can't even make it that far. Give the boss another shot with the strategy I mentioned.
Posted by Hernan 26th October, 2004

WOW this game ROCKS! I just got to the boss too, and that strategy will help I think so I'm gonna try again. It's been such a long time since I downloaded a good game from the DC. Keep it up!
Posted by Kingson 26th October, 2004

WTF, after the 11th level it crahses for me :-(
Posted by Zi-Xiao 26th October, 2004

dunno. I've gone to wave 40+ on other people's computers. Maybe its like a 1/100000000 error that occurs rarely. How does it crash? Exits? Image freez? Music freez? Anyways, for those who have gotten far enough - Wave 49 is officially impossible to beat. I'll make a patch to fix this problem as well as some other stuff people have suggested.
Posted by Coop 26th October, 2004

it crashed for me when i was about to get 300,000 on the level after the alien one :(
Posted by Coop 26th October, 2004

great game though, best on the dc for a while now in my opinion
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 27th October, 2004

One of the best games here, ever! I loved the original also! :D
Posted by Tauman 27th October, 2004 can cheaply rack up massive scores on the first alien level, as long as you gain more points that it costs for an extra life you can jus stay on there indefinetly and get as many points and lives as you want. might wanna fix that somehow.
Posted by Coop 27th October, 2004

yeah i noticed that also. I'm having trouble beating the first boss.. how much do i have to shoot him =/!!
Posted by Zi-Xiao 27th October, 2004

The boss has 300 hit points. Each uzi bullet does 1 hit point worth of damage. So hit him 300 times. @Tauman - this is very true, but how many times would you have to play that level to achieve my record of 24,000,000 points? But you are right, of course. That'll be fixed in the next version.
Posted by elektro_D.I. 28th October, 2004

very nice! Sound cool! Explosion effect very gooD! 8)
Posted by Bruce Juice 28th October, 2004

I still can't stop playing this game. It's so addictive.
Posted by António Vasconcelos 27th November, 2004

Very, very good... Should have an easy mode for beginers, I can only got to wave 2 in 10% of the games... Very playable and very good sound. The graphics are good too but could have a bit more of eye candy (aliasing, shadows, etc)





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