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HTML Forge 1.5 - MDI Interface + more
Author: Andos Submitted: 18th August, 2003 Favourites:0
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HTML Forge has been updated to version 1.5

The best update ever!

Using this software at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible if this damages your system in any way or is causing data to disapear.
Not that it's gonna blow up your computer. It's just a standard warning.

Sweet new editing extras:
Brand new MDI interface (you can have multiple documents open at a time.)
Added a menu bar after lot's of requests. The toolbox is still there but can be hided if you want.

Neat other new features:
New, Open and Save is now available in the ToolMenu
You can now make image maps with the new editor. It has never been easier!
Added an update dialog so you can update your dialogs easy if there are any new...
New Insert Date & Time
Added a simple Find & Replace dialog
I split up HTML Forge in smaller parts for faster loading of the exe and makes it possible for you to download an updated dialog instead of downloading the enire .exe every time there is a dialog update.
When you write text it's automaticley colored as you write it. The coloring is also now many times faster in large documents because of this.
You can change how big the range of the ranged recoloring is from the HTML Forge options.
If you wish you can recolor the entire document by pressing Ctrl + M
You can now see your preview in your standard browser instead of the embedded IE ActiveX.
(note: this feature only reads from the registry. Not write. It should not damage your registry)

Other features:
Doubble click a hex color and you get a nice dialog box to change it.
Tabbing - easy organize the html. This neat feature remembers the last lines tabbed state.
Select text and press tab, inserts a tab character in all lines.
Option to invert the tabbing state of the selected text. [smile]
Insert text as if it was written in word. You easily type in text and make it bold, italic, underlined, centered and so on as in Word. HTML Forge then genereates the html.
Support for Meta tags.
CSS support. (Insert links to CSS and easy insert classes in existing html tags)
Insert bookmarks
When you insert link you can now also choose wich bookmark it should scrool to.
Write a tooltip text for you images. (I know i forgot this in the first version)
Hotkeys! Insert your most used tags with ctrl + a number.
Select text and make it bold, Italic and Underlines with one click
Align the text in more ways
Quick < br> tabs
set the font easily by a userfriendly dialog
Insert a hex color outside of tags for various reasons
insert pictures, links and tables with easy dialogs
Page setup (edit the contents of the < body> tag) with a wizard
Live preview from inside HTML Forge.

There are may be other features not listed here.

Bug fixes:
Again, I fixed a bug in the add text dialog. Now you can insert huge amounts of text (to the MMF limit).
I think i fixed a bug that made text another font and made it bold

Known bugs:
(Still) Undo/Redo only works sometimes because of the syntax coloring. Custom Undo/Redo system soon.


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Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 18th August, 2003

"Using this software at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible if this damages your system in any way or is causing data to disapear. Not that it's gonna blow up your computer. It's just a standard warning." Ill download it when i know its safe to use, im not taking any risks.
Posted by Jack Galilee 19th August, 2003

This is the Most AWSOME HTML Software with click ive ever seen it beats Turbo HTML because of all the features it has
Posted by ChrisB 19th August, 2003

Takes a while to refresh itself, though? :S
Posted by Nir L 19th August, 2003

Yeah it does have many features and advantages over TH+. Well done Andos! :-) However like Chris said it's quite slow... I find it a bit hard to use.
Posted by Andos 19th August, 2003

To Crystal Clear: All applications say's this :P It's just if some wierdo homemade computer with totally unknown drivers and an unknown manufactorer of the parts + homemade water cooling system made with tape :D , can't handle the MMF runtime. It's not dangeorous at all... It's a standard(!) warning message... To all: What should be better to make it easier to use? I find the interface very simple myself: There are a place where you write your html and there is a toolbox where you have acces to all sorts of dialogs so you easy can insert some html. Is it the dialogs? I'm personally against wizard like, dialog boxes because you can't just go back and edit something. Everything in one creen is better for me. I don't know what you guys like, and it's not sure i'll change it (unless everyone asks me to :D ) I'm aware of the little slow refresh thing in the dialogs. I didn't find the course of this, but i'm working on it... Just a note on the updates dialog: It can only update your dialogs. If it detects a new version of html forge, it will ask you to acces to install the newest version. Andos
Posted by Nir L 19th August, 2003

Well the interface is not that easy to use, it's not so obvious what each button in the toolbox does (until you get used to it, you have to search what you want by reading tooltips which is annoying). Another thing: some of the dialogs are not centered by default (at least on 800x600). IMHO it's important that they will appear in a convenient place in all resolutions.
Posted by Andos 19th August, 2003

Well the dialogs are just created at the same spot dependant of where your window is on the screen. Personally i thought 800x600 was dead. If you mov up to 1024x768 you whont move back again. (even my 233 mhz machine used res 1024x768 with no slowdown) Now I even moved farther to 1152x864 and i don't plan moving back. If i got the possobility i would move to 1600x1200 :P I made some newe icons for the dialogs in the toolbox but I agree that some aren't all easy to know what's happening. I tried ordering them a little in groups. I'll try making it a flexible system so you can choose where the buttons are, yourself. I'll try making some of the icons better. Any ideas on this is very much appreciated. :D
Posted by ChrisB 19th August, 2003

Andos, not everyone has a large monitor. They are quite expensive, you know o_O However, I did get a 17" flatglass CRT monitor for around 120, and that takes 1152x864 resolution. But, as Clickteam found, over half of their users use 800x600... my website hitcounter shows that too.
Posted by ChrisB 20th August, 2003

(Also, other major websites with many thousands of hits show that too, as Nir didn't really think my website was a good indicator - however, it was more or less the same :P)
Posted by Nir L 20th August, 2003

I said that jokingly, Chris :-) Anyway, Andos, 800x600 is not dead and it's quite easy to center a subapp. I suggest it for the next version.
Posted by Andos 20th August, 2003

Yeah. I just had some problems with subapps not positioning when they are invisible. I have to make them visible before they want to move. Of course i could make a cheap workaround :P
Posted by DEC Stuff 8th September, 2003

How do you set multiple colors, and set colors to apply to only certain words/phrases?
Posted by Andos 15th September, 2003

Hey :) I use Tigerworks String Manipulator to color the text with the Rich Edit Object. I plan to make my own custom color engine instead so i can have PHP, ASP and Javascript coloring :D If you download tig's extension there are some example files. Just some of the stuff you can expect in HTML Forge 1.6: File Manager: easy edit your entire website with this file broser with many features. Open files from it, create new files, delete files, rename files insert a link to the html to that file, upload your file to your ftp server from there. :D Plugin support: Make your own plugins with it's own icon that appear in HTML Forge. Maybe custom coloring in that version. ;)
Posted by 醤油の兵士 3rd December, 2003

i don't care for this program. It looks very unprofessional. And i personally think the toolbox just gets in the way and is a pain to hide/unhide, could you maybe move many of these things into the menus? or maybe change the toolbox into a toolbar. TH+ is much better IMHO. I prefer it because it has a much more professional interface.
Posted by Mr Icekirby 18th December, 2003

HTML! YAY! mvix sucked, this rules! it closes without crashing first! YAY!





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