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Happy Sadness
Author: Yikes Submitted: 31st August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 219

Edited By Eiko on 9/1/2003

You play as a guy from a land named "Sadland" You and your friends are bored, and decide to invade "Happyland"...

But happyland may not be so happy at all, because the happists (happyland creatures) have defence. They use nature to fight. Be ready to face dangerous flowers, mushrooms, trees, rocks, rabbits, mice, bushes and much more. Who would hurt a harmless bunny? Answer: Many would hurt a bunny if it tried to EAT YOU!


*Many different weapons, including Pistol, shotgun and M60 machinegun.

*Good "Mod" and "Xm" music to make the game more exiting.

*Blood and gore.

*Funny graphics.

*Secret places with secret weapons.

*Many different enemies (Full version includes more)

Note: This is just a test, so please give me all the information and suggestions you can, so I can improve it. Ps: The screenshots are bigger than they are in the game.

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Posted by Death Reaper X 31st August, 2003

This was really fun! The weapons are very well done (and I like the fact you DON'T have ammo--getting ammo is a pain) The only bad things IMO are you can't crouch when you're in corners which means the bunnies can get you, it runs a bit slowly or at least your movement is (I think because you did the resize to fullscreen thing), and you have no getting-hit animation (so I never realised my life draining away) which is odd because all the monsters have really good death anims! Nice one though!
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st August, 2003

yep, i totally agree with what death reaper says. add some blood for the main guy and solve the slowdowns (i thnk there are too many actives on screen at the same time) and this game could be really fun. nice graphics, decent music, fun simplisctic gameplay. the movement could do with a bit of work; its easy to overlap a background when you're climbing the ladder for example. forgive me if i'm wrong, but this is the default movement, so his protruding arms get stuck on backgrounds. fix these little things and you're onto a winner. nice job.
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st August, 2003

p.s.; is it me, or is this game like a vaguely camp version of half-life? :P
Posted by Blackgaze 1st September, 2003

camp version of half-life? downloading (i love half-life)
Posted by Blackgaze 1st September, 2003

this is great, one of the best games i have played in years. 1. when i saw the beginning i thought "damn, another one of these crappy games" but when i started playing i thought: wow, this is cool. got a few bugs though. 2. the really good thing i like about this is the weapons and the rabbit walking animation mathes the music :P review coming up...
Posted by Yikes 1st September, 2003

Thank you very much! And more weapons, enemies and challenges are coming up. Just stay concious for long enough to play the full version. :D And this is just a demo test, so all those bugs will be fixed (at least most of them).
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 1st September, 2003

Sounds cool, downloading!
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 1st September, 2003

Download doesn't work!!!!
Posted by ChrisB 1st September, 2003

Right-click the link and select 'Save Target As'... This would be much better if I didn't have a big screen, thus making it slow as hell. But what everyone else said.
Posted by Yikes 1st September, 2003

OK, OK! I have now fixed it, so on the full version, there will be 800x600 resolution with no full screen.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 1st September, 2003

hmm half-life? worth a try..
Posted by ChrisB 1st September, 2003

It doesn't have custom movement...
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 1st September, 2003

Still the download doesn't work
Posted by Yikes 1st September, 2003

Why does everyone connect this with HALF LIFE? It is not a bit like half life. I wasn't even thinking of half life when I made this! Anyway... Thanks for the help guys, and just continiue with the talking, so I can improve the game.
Posted by eX Com 1st September, 2003

um spiderhead.. this doesnt have a custom movement.. but otherwise its a great game.. thumbs up
Posted by Blackgaze 1st September, 2003

it seemed like it had
Posted by istvan 2nd September, 2003

it doesnt d/l properly, the 1st time i tried it wouldnt even worked, i tried a few hrs later it worked, but when it got to 93% it just cut out?!?!?
Posted by Yikes 2nd September, 2003

Free websites... Some crappy thing named Tripod.
Posted by Tom 2nd September, 2003

What the hell? Why on earth did this get 10/10?! It has huge potential but it's pretty average as it is.
Posted by istvan 3rd September, 2003

dont worry it finally i must play it....
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 3rd September, 2003

looooool! This game gets all the 100% thumbs up, just because you shoot with the sounds from COUNTER-STRIKE! The other things in this game is not so good...haha...
Posted by Pete Nattress 3rd September, 2003

maybe thats why i said it was like half-life; sounds ripped from counterstrike. i also thought the way the blood flies from the bodies is half-life-esque. im sure you weren't intending to do that, but its just what i saw. :P
Posted by Blackgaze 3rd September, 2003

hay my games have half-life sounds :P
Posted by Yikes 3rd September, 2003

Heheh... Yeah...
Posted by Tom 3rd September, 2003

Yeah but 10/10 means perfect. This game is nowhere near perfect...
Posted by Yikes 4th September, 2003

I have NOT used osd sounds. I have used different sounds from: Sof2, Half life and many other games. NOT SITTING DUCK!
Posted by Blackgaze 13th September, 2003

quack quack, sorry






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