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Happyland: Happy sadness full
Author: Yikes Submitted: 16th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 208

Edited By Eiko on 11/19/2003

This is the full version of happy sadness or "Happyland" as many people would say. The game is a little short, because I was out of ideas, but it is fun as long as it lasts. For those who never played the demo before: Sadland is invading happyland. The people in sadland (you and your people) hates happyland. They invade happyland and everyone dies exept you. You have to fight your way through maneating bunnies, dangerous flowers, mice with weapons, giant worms, alive snowmen and much, much more.

The game has pistol, shotgun, uzi, m60 machinegun, alien laser, alien rocket launcher, alien sniper and flamethrower. There are also hidden cheat weapons: The christmas gun and my own toy weapon. There is also a powerup: The mysterious blueberry, that freezes everything you shoot. There is 22 levels plus 3 bosses.

The good about this game is that it has mod and xm musics and it has some Cs sounds

Well, stop reading this text and download the game!



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Posted by c.j 16th November, 2003

Cool game player could be faster but other wise good game
Posted by -_darkman_- 16th November, 2003

13.2mb?? your kidding.
Posted by Yikes 16th November, 2003

The music.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 16th November, 2003

this is not that good...but in some way it is cool to:P
Posted by Pkeod 16th November, 2003

lo... no
Posted by Blackgaze 16th November, 2003

although the graphics are poor this is the best game I have even played, truthlty i like this much more than Enternal Daughter (gasp)
Posted by Yikes 16th November, 2003

The graphics are good enough when you know that the game is drawn by me and not made with any program or ripping.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 16th November, 2003

eiko...Have you ever played Fishhead 3? The one who made that game did all graphics by hand to, and even you gotta admit that they are better then this..
Posted by Rhys D 16th November, 2003

Posted by KeyrenZero 16th November, 2003

Stop being graphix whores people, just because it isnt professional quality doesnt mean that its horrible. If this is the best the guy could do, more power to him. I dont mind it at all, in fact, I like it. Its not like these are professional games. Lighten up a little. Eternal Daughter was grand,it had great graphics, and so many features. You people are just jealous, or mad because "it was just too hard" even though I didnt have any trouble.
Posted by Teapot 17th November, 2003

the grfx rule dude!!!
Posted by istvan 17th November, 2003

i havent downloaded this yet, but I remember playing the demo; does this version have a save or password function?
Posted by Yikes 17th November, 2003

Password function. Anyway, this is not the best I can do, but I hate to draw all those damn graphics all the time. Every time I make something new in the game, I have to draw like shit. And what is best? A game with good graphics and useless gameplay, or a game with good gameplay and useless graphics?
Posted by Yikes 17th November, 2003

And thanks KeyrenZero! :D:D:D:D:D:D
Posted by -_darkman_- 17th November, 2003

not fair on the guy comparing it to eternal daughter
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 17th November, 2003

I think you can do better to, Eiko. But itīs even better with a game with BOTH good gfx and gameplay to heheh:D
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 17th November, 2003

But the gfx are ok here to:)
Posted by Yikes 17th November, 2003

I am working on Happyland 2 now. If you have got any ideas, or anything i should fix, then write it here.
Posted by KeyrenZero 17th November, 2003

Hahaha, this game is hillarious. I like running into happy things to see what evil they do >_<
Posted by Yuhkaz 18th November, 2003

a game with good gameplay and useless graphics i would rather then an absolute crap game with good gfx. (sorta like mine :() but really as long as its still playable and not so good GFX im happy and this could be a rad game. will download ASAP when im back on my comp
Posted by Radix 19th November, 2003

Posted by AndyUK 19th November, 2003

in the game where the game is
Posted by David Niemeyer 19th November, 2003

THIS GAME KICKS ASS! whats wrong with the graphics? keep up the good work and make some more like this.
Posted by ruffles 20th November, 2003

dude wtf everybody here NEVER STOP comparing games, that's ridiculous... every game I check has somebody comparing it to Fishhead or Eternal daughter I haven't played the game, but had to post this :P
Posted by istvan 21st November, 2003

says the zip's corrupt, ill try downloading again...
Posted by Rhys D 22nd November, 2003

There's a game already called Happyland by the way.
Posted by Villy 22nd November, 2003

There is? COOL! :D
Posted by Yikes 22nd November, 2003

Uhm... There is? I did not really know that. Is that a click game too?
Posted by Bastian 22nd November, 2003

HAHAHAHA! This game is awesome! Great job, and since it is on the game of the week poll now, I will vote for it! VOTE FOR HAPPY SADNESS! :D:DxD:):):D
Posted by Cazra 22nd November, 2003

I've once played a game called Happyland made by some guy called Freelunch Design. But that had great graphics and you had to rescue these "happylanders".
Posted by istvan 24th November, 2003

Download still doesnt work for me, and i cant see any screenshots
Posted by Bastian 27th November, 2003

This game is very very gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!






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