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CrazyGolf (2)
Author: David Evans Submitted: 6th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 239

Edited By David Evans on 4/5/2004

A completley re-done version of MiniGolf with a new name.

Play 3 pre-made levels, download new levels to play, or create your own.
Use the in-built course editor to create a course of holes with pars and awards.
Insert windmills, canons, bridges and other objects to make your levels more interesting.
Add rocks, sand traps and lakes to make the level harder.
Choose from 12 lighting effects and 8 light directions.
Use the texture editor to draw pictures in the grass or make the grass change colour.

Please READ the help file if you want to make your own level or course. Playing levels and courses is, I think, fairly self-explanitary.

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Posted by Robert100chat 8th September, 2003

This game looks and sounds very good
Posted by Sun Ce 10th September, 2003

Obviously, a lot of time went into this. For once, a golf game that's not too frustrating but not too easy either.
Posted by David Evans 11th September, 2003

Thanks for the review Sun Ce. If anyone has any ideas of new objects, I would be happy to add them. I will add a musics list selector in the options for the next version.
Posted by David Evans 11th September, 2003

If anyone out there has created a particularly interesting hole or course, please put it on the internet with a download link here.
Posted by danjo 11th September, 2003

first off. great and clever piece of coding. it does prove that mmf can do this, but mmf is not designed to handle these sort of operations. this game's fun factor has been let down by mmfs limitations - mainly to do with speed. obviously you are pretty clever david, and have smart contacts. i suggest you remake this in a faster language to do it justice. i still rate it high though for it technological merits
Posted by Weston L 20th September, 2003

If this game would load courses faster it would be so great. That's the only problem. Other than that, excellent work.
Posted by David Evans 31st October, 2003

I'm currrently re-writing this game in jamagic which renders the levels much faster than MMF.






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