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Daniels Notepad
Author: Danny Boy Submitted: 6th October, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By That Daniel guy on 10/19/2003

Hi, and thaks for taking the time to read this.
Daniels Notepad is a regular notepad. It just look nice, and are more userfriendly. This is just an idea for those who doesn't like the old notepad and those who want something new. Just download it, it's cool and free.


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Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 6th October, 2003

...this has more functions than the normal notepad:)
Posted by Danny Boy 6th October, 2003

Yes it does, and I will continue to work on it. One day it maby beat MS Word ;)
Posted by gizmo 6th October, 2003

This is kinda cool :) i like the interface. Shame i cant maximize it though :( Keep it up :D (Maybe allowing to save as rich edit text instead?)
Posted by jeffrey 7th October, 2003

looks nice
Posted by Danny Boy 7th October, 2003

Hi guys! Ive now updated the program, and this is new: 1. The program is now resizable, so you can maximize:) 2. In the Edit->Insert i've put Predefined text. 3. The program are now using the rich edit text format instead of txt format. Just click at the orginal link. Enjoy!:)
Posted by Danny Boy 9th October, 2003

Could those who wote down please explain what i can do better?
Posted by DeadmanDines 9th October, 2003

I recommend that it doesn't use formatting of any kind. Notepad's purpose is actually very unique -- it's specifically an ASCII plaintext editor. It's usually chosen by people like coders and programmers because it is so simple, and uses plaintext. I recommend you have some of the features that coders and programmers use a lot of: ::Find and Replace:: Finds a string and replaces it with another ::Find:: Finds a string ::Bookmarks:: Try a system which lets the user determine how to create 'headings' (eg: if I were working on INIs, i'd tell it to use anything surrounded by a [ and a ] as one). The machine then searches through the document, finding every example and listing them in a hidden list object just offscreen. The player can then reference the list of bookmarks, and click to update it when they've added some more. If you don't quite understand what I'm going on about, feel free to PM. ::Goto Line:: ::Goto character number:: ::Show character number:: ::Show collumn number:: ::Show/hide CR/LF bytes:: ::Some kind of colour coding engine?::
Posted by deano151991 15th October, 2003

oi, this is fantastic, i think it should get 100% thumbs up, i mean, heck! its better than Windows 97 Microsoft Word! Noone else could do better i dont reckon
Posted by Danny Boy 15th October, 2003

Dines: Thanks Dines, now im got something to work on. This is already done; 1.::Goto Line:: 2.::Goto character number:: 3.::Show character number:: 4.::Show collumn number:: 7.::Find and Replace:: Finds a string and replaces it with another 6.::Find:: Finds a string Plus more!!! I'm not yet done with it, but it's going to be soon, i hope...
Posted by ChrisB 15th October, 2003

Actually counting-up-numbers-guy, few things are better than Word (97), even despite all of its bugs. As a notepad, it's not very good, but then again it wasn't designed to edit plain text... this app looks like more of a formatter. I'm really getting tired of the number of HTML/text editors around now... there must be at least 12. This has just lost the simplicity of Notepad - not many apps can load in 50 milliseconds, and not many are as basic. Its lack of features is good - you can't really improve it, apart from making it edit files over 64kb and a few other features.
Posted by Blargh 16th October, 2003

nah, i think its better than word 97. And could u make better Chris Branch/ fire money person thingy?
Posted by Danny Boy 16th October, 2003

Thanks Michael R. Chris Branch / FireMonkey: Soon the new version of Daniel's Notepad are relased. It have a lot new features. It's soon finish...
Posted by Danny Boy 5th November, 2003

The beta version is relased:
Posted by deano151991 3rd March, 2004

geezzz this is so good i recon you could sell this and make a good profit if you want to know more about it just email me





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