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Slowmotion with one event (source)
Author: Danny Boy Submitted: 8th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 362

Edited By ArixTh on 11/8/2003

This is an example about how you get slow motion with one event. Extension needet: Time X

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Posted by AndyUK 13th November, 2003

so this is a how-to for using timex extension then
Posted by Decal 15th November, 2003

this isn't slowm motion. it's look like the app is lagging. You should see all those other examples thats is around. It gonna be softer. Who cares if the slow motion si only 1 event. People want good and soft slow motion
Posted by Danny Boy 16th November, 2003

Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 22nd November, 2003

Is this TGF compatible?
Posted by Danny Boy 26th November, 2003

Posted by Yuhkaz 29th December, 2003

I know a way to do good slow motion, but it requires to duplicate some of the events and change them. It's simple! No extensions needed.
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 30th December, 2003

Then tell it yuhkaz.
Posted by Mr Icekirby 24th February, 2004

gah! i can't find timex.cox anywhere!
Posted by Mr Icekirby 28th February, 2004

could you make it a zip and add timex?
Posted by Daman 6th November, 2005

here i know its very late





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