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Daniel's Notepad Second Edition Relase Canditate 1
Author: Danny Boy Submitted: 4th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 164

Edited By The Designer on 11/24/2003


This program is an BETA version for Daniel's Notepad Second Edition (working tilte). This version does not contains all the features that the full version have.
Please report all bugs to
I sure that many of you have notice one 'pain in the ass' thing, and thats the slowlyness, that is because some of the events are wrong, but thats fixed in the full version. The full version will come out very soon...

Thanks for reading and downloading

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Posted by Danny Boy 4th November, 2003

If the scrennshot doesn't display, then just click on it... ;)
Posted by gregmire 4th November, 2003

Good Update, when is the full/standard version relased?
Posted by Muggus 4th November, 2003

Why not let people suggest stuff now? Now we be the perfect time infact? Cause you could have something that lets your game now and if no one suggests you get rid of it, or add something different, then it'll be in the full game and let the full game down...
Posted by Danny Boy 5th November, 2003

Muggus: When you say it that way does it sounds like the right thing to do so I say; OK, just suggest!
Posted by disanti 5th November, 2003

It is a bit slow on my computer but has pretty good features.
Posted by Danny Boy 5th November, 2003

disanti: I know, it's slow on mine to, but thats fixed in the standar version. gregmire: Soon i hope
Posted by Assault Andy 5th November, 2003

It looks nice, but why do you need such a long name? - "Daniel's Notepad Second Edition Relase Canditate 1"
Posted by Danny Boy 6th November, 2003

The Real Name is just Daniel's Notepad Second Edition. Relase Canditate 1 is just a other name for BETA ;)
Posted by Chedich 6th November, 2003

why not just name it "Daniel's Notepad 2"? soo much easier to remember
Posted by Teapot 7th November, 2003

gr8, but how 'bout a game?
Posted by Teapot 7th November, 2003

wat u made it on, if tgf do machine independent speed cos it is real slow on my pc
Posted by Danny Boy 10th January, 2004

Sorry if some of you are waiting for the program. Have to take an brake from it. But it will be released!!!





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