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wonder boy7
Author: .wonderboy bobi. Submitted: 1st November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 157

Edited By .wonderboy bobi. on 11/1/2003

Edited By .wonderboy bobi. on 11/1/2003

Edited By .wonderboy bobi. on 11/1/2003

This is a short demo of an adventurer game. It's like wonderboy5. I'm doing the most I can to have a great gameplay and beautifull graphics.
The diferents swords and shield change graphicaly!
At the very beginning(in this demo)you are very slow and have a very short sword, but don't worry, it's done on purpose, you'll have it only a few min.

The main about the story is done but I probably change little things then I can't tell more about this.
The title will be different too.

It have been done to be played with the stick, then little bug can hapens with keyboard.
to choose between keyboard or joystick presse ctrl+Y.

I ve made another wonder boy(platform arcade, but classified in racing(i don't know why)), so for those who has played it I promise it's the last wonder boy I make

THERE IS NO PRESENTATION, NO MUSIC, A BAD GAME OVER, THERE IS NO SAVE POINT. I'm sorry for all that, but this demo wasn't firstly done for the site.
It can be run very slowly in some computer, if it hapens recize

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Posted by yuyu 1st November, 2003

it looks gr8! but it'd play gr8 if my cpu could run it at a decent speed! DONT make the screen resize.
Posted by haloboycs 1st November, 2003

looks nice, but oh god, im not playing thru whole game with this slow moving char, i'll play again if u increase walking speed.
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 1st November, 2003

pls, read what I wrote, u are slow a very short time(about 1 or 2 min). After killing two monster, there is a boot shop to run faster.pls don't stop to this detail:)
Posted by 1st November, 2003

please make a saving function!!!!!!!!! cuz i hated when I died on wonder boy 1
Posted by Keatonian 1st November, 2003

Um, great except the game screws up after a while.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 2nd November, 2003

Even though there are running boots later on, you move blatantly too slowly at the start of the game. Having not so much distance to cover before getting to the shop would fix this, I think. It looks impressive, anyway.
Posted by 2nd November, 2003

Well? Are you gonna make a save function cuz I really won't enjoy this game to it's full potential if I can't get very far.
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 2nd November, 2003

off cours there will be save points.It's an adventurer that need hours to finish, not a arcade game contrary to the precedent one
Posted by 4th November, 2003

Good! Thx alot! That will make the game a lot easier!!! Hew!
Posted by -_darkman_- 7th November, 2003

Voila, un review pour toi
Posted by AfterStar 8th November, 2003

If the game runs really slowly,just turn off Full screen and it may help! Here is how to do it: First create a shortcut of Wonder Boy7.exe file In the shortcut of Wonder Boy7,chose properities,and write one or more of the listed commands in the target area after the wonderboy7.exe name. Erase the entire target and just leave the wonderboy7.exe and do as below: wonderboy7.exe /ddraw /nof ( use directx and wont change resolution mode) /DIB = Turns off both DirectX and Use VRAM options. /DDRAW = Forces the use of DirectX. /NOVR = Turns off the VRAM option. /NOF = No full screen mode. Ignores the option
Posted by HyperKnight32 10th February, 2004

Is this game going to be continued? Because I like it but nobody has replied for like 3 months.
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 1st March, 2004

legend the game is dead an error from me very stupid .i cant continue it but i m making another game like this one






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