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wonder boy the prophecy (new)
Author: .wonderboy bobi. Submitted: 25th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 380

Edited By .wonderboy bobi. on 11/27/2003

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Edited By .wonderboy bobi. on 11/26/2003

platformer game(tgf and mmf)


it's another adventure of the wonder boy. Most like tthe wonder boy in monster land.
You play a young human who has to save the monster land trought a variety of environnement(plains, deserts,caves,castles...)
In this adventure you'll have to kill boss biger and biger.

graphics totaly made by myself,in same design as the others wonder boys, progressive difficulty...
---with keyboard or with joystick----pressing ctrl+Y

for those who played the first version:i'm sorry i uploaded the wrong version, it was too hard. this one is the one i wanted to put on the this site. i can't erase the other one from the site as i lost the password(i had to change my name)
i really hope you will download this game again to see the little differences i made .and to go to the end .i didn't made it for nothing

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Posted by citizen[Ac] 25th November, 2003

err..are the gfx ripped?
Posted by UF Comtec 25th November, 2003

citizen[Ac], read the info.. he says he did them himself, duh ;) And I know he did.
Posted by eyeangle 25th November, 2003

I love Sega Master System games and I love the Wonder Boy games. This is an awesome game. Get it!
Posted by Muggus 25th November, 2003

...wonder boy...what is the secret of your power...
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 25th November, 2003

i also got what The Designer got
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 26th November, 2003

this game is really kewl but you have some bugs to fix;) ive fund these bugs: stand still and walking (pressing both arrow keys the same time) enemies walk into the background (you propably have forgotten to check "collition detection even if invisible playfield") enemies doing moonwalking ...i dunno what causes that
Posted by CsaR 26th November, 2003

I hate that you can't continue or even save anywhere...that kinda makes the game alot more boring having to play the same things over and over again. But other than that I found this game very fun ;). Nice Work
Posted by -_darkman_- 26th November, 2003

i was a big fan of wonderboy so downloading this. Hope this has a save function and does move as slowly like the other versions
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2003

Hmm this is EXACTLY the same game as the previous one he uploaded! Nothings changed at all...not even the difficulty. I got to the Castle section and died from those walking Helmets with swords. The graphics are not ripped, and this guy really likes Wonderboy. But if you actually look at the game, its a game which pretty much anyone could make. Still, this is very fun indeed. Needs a save system.
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 26th November, 2003

hi every body.firstly thank you all. i reedited the url. i think you can download it now.
Posted by -_darkman_- 26th November, 2003

it looks different in that screenshot. Maybe I didn't get far enough in the last version. I was looking forward to playing this...damn
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 26th November, 2003

circy thank you but it says it the email and name aren't correct! and i'm sure those are the right ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Posted by -_darkman_- 26th November, 2003

so is this the same version or a different one..?
Posted by Cazra 26th November, 2003

It's a hard game. It would be useful to have a continue option when you die.
Posted by Strife 26th November, 2003

Hmmmm... Many of the comments here refer to negative parts of the game, which makes me wonder why Sejj says everyone should download it. However, it's cheap cheap cheap, at 749 kb, so i'll give it a shot. ;) *downloading...*
Posted by -_darkman_- 26th November, 2003

Sejj doesn't do his homework most of the time
Posted by Astral_86 26th November, 2003

It sure is irritating when people asks "Are the gfx ripped?" just because they look good... But whatever...this is a good game :) but it isn't a save function there, right? I didn't find one in the previous version :( ....well, have a great day!
Posted by vortex2 26th November, 2003

Well, this game is pretty fun :). The graphics are amazing! The engine needs a bit of work though. I dont think he should be able to just "Stand" in water, it doesnt make sence, he should atleast do some kind of swimming animation so it doesnt look like he should sink :P. I think you should put a bit more thought into how you annonce a new level :P , black screen with white text (that is in a weird font) doesnt really match the graphic level of the game :(. Also I think I have played this before :P not sure though. Anyway, Nice Game with Nice gfx, although the engine could use some more work to make the game awsome :).
Posted by renneF 26th November, 2003

Nice game! Nothing original and it's rather hard, but the graphics are well done, and its fun to play Good work :)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 26th November, 2003

I agree.(Astrol_86) Why does every always say something with "graphics" or "ripped" everytime the graphics looked good. People should stop complaining about the graphics and just play it. What's so bad about ripped graphics anyway?
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 26th November, 2003

After having seen your commentaries. i inputed a continue mode... i hope you'll download it again(3rd times for someones)
Posted by AndyUK 26th November, 2003

1st for me it didnt play much (up to the big bat) pretty damn good what i did play.
Posted by THQ 26th November, 2003

Ughugh ughuuguhgughguuuhgughgh. In other word, blegh. Oh god, you know, I've seen so many things, and mastered so many ridiculous control schemes, but never have i seen such rigidity and consusion. The sprites are pretty bland, the areas are below... hell... and oh my. Get it away! IT BURNS!
Posted by eyeangle 27th November, 2003

It's exactly like the orignal one's: - No save - Standing in the water I think that's how the maker wanted to do it and it's bloody awesome!
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 27th November, 2003

edwin street there are continues, no? and in the water there is a special movement, isn't it? I think you downloaded the second version.try to redownload it if so. as I said, I inputed continues and change little things(water movement). argh... I hope not to late and people would download it again(the last time I promise)
Posted by Cazra 27th November, 2003

How do you open .ace files?
Posted by renneF 27th November, 2003

get winrar
Posted by renneF 27th November, 2003

The new version dosen't work for me :(
Posted by Lew 27th November, 2003

Its quite nice :)
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 27th November, 2003

I changed it to a zip file. argh what a bad work. my pc is too bad i had many prob. it's ok now.
Posted by renneF 27th November, 2003

Wish I could play it..
Posted by Krupek86 27th November, 2003

Horrible... I thought it will be looking like WBML. But here most important things got changed: sword range's too big. Enemies are not interesting like in the WBML (here it is only large something). I'm waiting for much changes in your next versions of WBML remakes, if you are going to continue that: the original game is worth that.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 27th November, 2003

this game inspired me to learn 2d graphics :P
Posted by Weston L 27th November, 2003

Very very good game. Seems to run a tad slow on my computer though :-\
Posted by ripthor 28th November, 2003

The game's pretty good, but it's a tad too hard in the later level. And WHY is it sooo slow???
Posted by >NzR< 30th November, 2003

Sorry, but i can't play it.. When the intro is finished, it brings me back to the Title.... How can i skip the intro..
Posted by Agent.X 30th November, 2003

OH COOL! i loved that game i like the idea of gaining levels on a platform game! It got catchy Music To :)
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 30th November, 2003

shift with keyboard,button1 with joystick.if you did it yet, I can't help you... :(
Posted by Agent.X 30th November, 2003

.wonderboy bobi. There good graphics u made! :)
Posted by Airflow 1st December, 2003

Retro- e well done! :)
Posted by Airflow 1st December, 2003

This game made me get out the master system n play Wonder Boy 3. Does anyone know what to do after turning into fish man?
Posted by .wonderboy bobi. 1st December, 2003

skinny, you must go in the lava world(just right to the desert)you'll get a sword that destroy blocks.then u go to the beach, underwater u'll have to destroy blocks to go to the cheap.
Posted by Airflow 2nd December, 2003

Posted by Stian B. 7th December, 2003

The game runs very slow on my computer.I have to turn on the Direct X ingame.And then the graphics is totally changed.
Posted by Hplkopra 8th December, 2003

Wonderful game! Graphics are good, could do with a little bit of shading, the game is original, but the movement and the enemies are a little buggy.
Posted by Airflow 9th December, 2003

Stian B My version was crappyly slow untill i coppied cncs232.dll from my streambolt directory to th dir with Wonderboy in it. Duno why it worked. But it might work 4 u 2.
Posted by Strife 13th December, 2003

Hah? I never turned into fish man. You mean there's another secret quest besides the Golden Egg? Bah. Anyhoo, I beat the game yesterday. Sweet! :D That last boss was a pain in the sack, but i'm a veteran at these kinds of games, so I kicked his ass nontheless. ;) By the way, many of the sounds in this game are from Lost Valley. Whatsupwitdat?? Geez, you people have a habit of using crappy sounds. But it didn't matter anyway, I was so involved in the game that I hardly noticed. :)
Posted by Imadjinn 20th December, 2003

Very good game, except for the lack of a save system. Good job! P.S. Is the last boss that big knight bloke? If so good, but if not, what are the other bosses like?
Posted by Killerjedi 6th March, 2004

The final boss is a massive dragon that has three "forms." The first form summons bats and shoots fire at you, the second shoots flame and then bounces around the room, and the third lights the ground on fire and summons balls of energy that rain down fireballs on you. I dunno what you mean by the knight. Do you mean the giant version of the small knight guys that is guarded by three floating skulls? If so... that guy is REALLY early in the game.
Posted by Hempuli 28th September, 2005

Good game, i'll like it!:D But that screen resizing is annoying! It slows the game. ;(






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