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Bunny Shooter
Author: RyGuyX Submitted: 10th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 131

Edited By RyGuyX on 10/1/2004


This is a game I released quite a while ago. I started it because I felt there wasn't enough senslessly violent games out there. So, after a while I made up a storyline, made 10 increasingly-difficult levels, adding new things every once in a while, made some menus and such and released the game. It was pretty much an excuse for me to try my semi-random blood splatter with gibs idea.

Anyway, most people like it, so here it is. And you have to play past the 3rd level to see any of the additional things.

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Posted by Simen 11th December, 2003

You shoot bunnies. That's it(Okay, I didn't get past the third level)
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 11th December, 2003

Great stress relief.
Posted by Zane 11th December, 2003

I downladed this a while ago off your site. it actually gets quite hard
Posted by X Member-453 11th December, 2003

it's fun, it's tough, it makes you wanna play more
Posted by Smeggy 11th December, 2003

Nice job Ryan!
Posted by Tom 11th December, 2003

Very good game. :)
Posted by RyGuyX 11th December, 2003

By the way if you're like most people and don't check the help for instructions before playing: there's 4 different weapons used by A, S, D, and F. Alot of people only discover F. Thanks for all reviews :)
Posted by Smeggy 11th December, 2003

You have not got any reviews?!
Posted by Smeggy 11th December, 2003

You mean comments..
Posted by RyGuyX 12th December, 2003

comments, reviews, not much difference to me, Jon, but thanks for pointing out my noobishness to DC :P
Posted by DeadmanDines 12th December, 2003

I loved this game, and still play it even though I've had it for ages. It owns. A textbook triumph of gameplay over complexity.
Posted by Jub 12th December, 2003

I'm not to fond of the "killing animals theme".
Posted by RyGuyX 12th December, 2003

Well they're not -real- bunnies, Jub (even in the game-related sense). There's a storyline that surfaces as you progress through the levels. If you beat the game you'll understand. Of course, though, they were originally intended to be real bunnies. Bunnies are evil; have you ever seen their eyes!?
Posted by Evil Monkey 12th December, 2003

A bit hard, but very funny. XD
Posted by DasGuy 13th December, 2003

Bad inane retarderd etc. I didn't find this game hard... infact I first played when I was buzzing and beat it. Theres no point to use any button besides f and a, to save time for anyone who decides to play this game just go to password and put in quake it'll save you 5 minutes.
Posted by RyGuyX 13th December, 2003

whoa look at mr-serious
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 13th December, 2003

Posted by ruffles 13th December, 2003

Just because you know a cheat or password doesn't mean you have to use it, like, you can't resist or something. Calm down XD
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th December, 2003

you post one game, get a load of praise, i post 10 and get a load of crap. how did u do it man?! nice game tho. but my mates have rabbits so im just ever so slightly offended
Posted by DasGuy 13th December, 2003

its the screen shots. I don't know why but people go ape over screen shots
Posted by Snakey [Ragnarok Games] 13th December, 2003

This game is totally sweet it is sick bitch nasty I've played it a ton. By the way nice job on the graphics and never in a million years could i ever make a game that great. P.S do you know Karnage?
Posted by RyGuyX 13th December, 2003

I didn't have any screenshots of it before I was going to post it here but I know how much you all like screenshots. Plus, DasGuy, you could have let people know you were going to give away a password, it's just common courtousy decency. If you've ever been to a message board for real games you'd know that. Also, if you would like to give me some constructive criticism and tell me what you'd like to see done different in the game, other than using a low-brow, short list of generalized insults... - that'd be more civilized and productive toward the DailyClick society instead of being a negative pessimistic drain on it, while giving no real input of your own. Sorry I couldn't say that earlier, but I had to go to work and input something in to real society, too.
Posted by RyGuyX 13th December, 2003

Oh snakey, yah I know karnage, not by that name, but I know him.
Posted by M Willich 14th December, 2003

Happily, I EARNED the third password the hard way--and that's the way I liked it. In my sinility I forgot it, so thanks DasGuy, I guess. (Next time just put: PASSWORD SPOILER BELOW; READ AT OWN RISK!! at the top of your post and you won't have to listen to these old ladies moan.) The bunnies can still jack me after I clear a level sometimes, and oh how I wish that microwave would kill the little buggers after they cross that line!! If you recapture the playability of this game in a sequel I'll play it as much as I play this one. Thanks for the aggression outlet!
Posted by RyGuyX 14th December, 2003

glad so many people liked it for such a simple game.
Posted by Snakey [Ragnarok Games] 14th December, 2003

SIMPLE... FUCK YOU! (only kidding!)
Posted by Airflow 18th December, 2003

Shooting almost helpless bunnies is disturbingly fun!!
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 18th December, 2003

Ryan... ever thought about a Bunny Shooters 2: Return of the Rabbits, or something like that? And snakey, bro, that made no sense. Long live Ragnarok and Hunter Games!
Posted by RyGuyX 23rd December, 2003

karnage - if I do make a bunny shooter 2 - imagine shooting helpless bunnies... with an improved Deserted Engine. !!!
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 31st December, 2003

Nice idea... funny you mention that, because i had too much time, and a graphic ripper, and a deserted-like engine... heh heh...





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