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Snow Siege (abandonware)
Author: Muz Submitted: 17th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 156

This would've been a good game, if it was actually finished the way I would like it to be finished. It's a winter sports game where two teams build forts and then try to hit each other with snowballs.

It's tiny, the graphics consist mainly of 'replacement' objects, so just download it if you like. I'm not including a screenshot and the only reason this is up here is because it would be sad to see a whole week of headaches on this game go to waste.

I gave up on it because of trouble with the qualifiers and platform engine. Now that I actually went and BOUGHT MMF 1.5, I don't need the prize for that klik compo, so I'm tossing this game away where someone can salvage it. If you want to finish the game, go ahead. I'm not even putting my usual abandonware terms on it. If you actually finish this and get a prize from it, keep it. Good riddance to this game, I say.

But if any of you actually decide to work on it, let me know.

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Posted by Pete Nattress 21st December, 2003

open it in MMF and finish it? you still have a fortnight ;)
Posted by Muz 22nd December, 2003

I abandoned it coz it was far too stressful. No way I'm working on this again. The prize ain't worth it.





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