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Muz's Timer Test
Author: Muz Submitted: 18th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 186

Special thanks to Ectoprods for the hosting.

This is a small thing that tests how fast the Always & timer events run on MMF. It shows that (on my comp) the computer can only do about 0.02+ seconds per tick at best, but functions at almost full efficiency with plenty of moderately heavy code and a moderate amount of objects when you run it on a 0.03 second timer.

It's got no practical purpose other than as a benchmark test and perhaps an 'interactive article' on timer & always events. But it's only 11 Kb and doesn't use any extensions.

No screenshots as screenshots would only be a waste of space.

I created this mainly to pitch up the accuracy of my physics engine. Point is, it shows that you can run most things on an accurate timer rate of 0.03 seconds, if you don't use too many lenses or other memory heavy objects. And if you do, you can use this thing to see how much it affects your game.

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Posted by DaVince 19th August, 2005

Posted by KevinHaag 19th August, 2005

I believe its spelled "G-R-E-A-T":P
Posted by AndyUK 19th August, 2005

without the dashes.
Posted by Peblo 21st August, 2005

It shows every .03 seconds is really cool.
Posted by Muz 22nd August, 2005

It shows that it MMF only works fine on every 0.03 seconds. And you can use it as a benchmark test.
Posted by DaVince 22nd August, 2005

Kevin Haag: I was referring to an adventure game called Monkey Island 3, when I said grate.
Posted by RapidFlash 1st September, 2005

Muz: MMF loops (theoretically) at 50 loops per second, so ideally, it should create 500 objects and not 1000 objects in ten seconds. My results using the Always event (Pentium IV 3.2 Ghz, with Winamp, AIM, and mIRC running in the background): 501, 501, 501, 500, 501 Using the Always event and the many events: 501, 501, 500, 502, 501 So, if your computer is good enough, Always works ilke it should.
Posted by -Vinny- 6th September, 2005

yse, but then this is support for older computers, which aren't good enough, which is the whole point of this, of couurse if EVERYONE'S computer were good enough, use the always condition as many times as you like
Posted by Zapper 8th September, 2005

I'm a little bit confused as to what the use of this is, but I'll take your word for it! Im just gonna stick to always events though to make sure everything runs the same on every PC If you run a game with "Every" events on a slow PC, doesnt the game run slow but the every events work at their proper time, which means that they actually happen more times than they are supposed to (compared to the game running at its correct speed on a good pc). But with a game that uses "Always" events, they happen every loop, at the same speed as the game, so everything is in synchronization! I remember downloading a sonic fan game that used every events, and it ran fine on my fast PC but on my slow PC I couldnt even jump up to reach the first ledge!
Posted by Muz 8th December, 2006

The point is the 0.03 second thing. Think of it as the speed of light for MMF.





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