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Click FAQ 1.001
Author: Muz Submitted: 12th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 241

Edited By Muz on 10/12/2004

Hosted by Klik Academy, the Click FAQ puts together some of the most common questions in the Click Community into one big file. It's a useful little guide for aspiring newbies...

At only 41KB, this offline version is twice as big, better organized, and has much more detailed info than the first Click FAQ. Of course, it's still far from perfect, which is why I'd be happy to recieve any suggestions on it.

As before, it's designed to work on feedback. Feel free to give any comments, suggestions, criticism, questions, answers, etc....

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Posted by ChrisB 12th October, 2004

Posted by Fah 12th October, 2004

FAQ-ing great
Posted by Mkingy 12th October, 2004

yeah, its cool!
Posted by Brad  12th October, 2004

muz is a retard
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 12th October, 2004

And why's Muz a retard? I personally like it, if only i had this when i first came to kliking ;)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 12th October, 2004

It's all great except for the point where you say "Freewebs is a good secondary choice" because Freewebs is the worst, slowest bag of wank free host there is. Apart from that, goodness.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 12th October, 2004

Nice, it seems to explain everything very well. If I get around to it I'll gather up many links to level editors, got two right now, tigs and mine. And I like the link to my article:P AND...replace the word freewebs in there with Sitesled ;) I have seen what would make very nice combinations. Such as * cobined with **(to save your 1asp space for your database) or an *** / ** combo *Free asp host with 100 MB space **You basically get unlimited space, you start at 35 and every download after that gives you more storage space. ***Free hosting with unlimited bandwidth and space, but sadly a 250k file cap(hence the part;)) hope some of that information is useful in future versions
Posted by 13th October, 2004

if it were html it would have been better.
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th October, 2004

This FAQ is available interactive on what a plug-whore i am. also, muz, i never said "POW means prisoner of war", where did you get that from? :/
Posted by Muggus 14th October, 2004

I still reckon you should make this FAQ as some kind of program that has a auto-update button that downloads any new updates off the net. Now THAT would be good.
Posted by Muz 3rd November, 2004

LOL. I found that "POW means prisoner of war" thing on the interactive FAQ thingy. 'Twas already there. Since you seem to be the only other guy with access to it and it sounds like something you'd say, I just added it under your name. Sorry, I'll replace your name with Anonymous there on the next version ;). Good idea, Muggus. If only I could be bothered making it. I'm already lazy enough to delay a MS word version all these months, a program version would be even more tiring to make :P.





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