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Author: citizen[Ac] Submitted: 27th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 167

Edited By citizen[Ac] on 1/28/2004

MisAdventures of Sir Randolph Doogleberry, British Explorer

You are Sir Randolph Doogleberry, British Explorer. While commissioned by her royal majesty the Queen, you find yourself trapped in a Pharoahs trap.

You must maneuver your way through each level by walking over each tile to advance to to the next level.

- 45 levels
- original graphics
- save game system
- original music

This game was a collaboration between Danjo, Tonado, Twiterror, and myself (citizen).

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Posted by The Chris Street 28th January, 2004

Bah, I tested this game out for you.. no mention of me in the credits ;)
Posted by Tom 28th January, 2004

Very nice game. Thumbs up. :) Can't really fault it from what I've played so far. I may review it when I complete it.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 28th January, 2004

circy...blame danjo he finished the credits screen. :P i will officially thank all who help beta test and helped in anyway with this game by naming my children after them. **citizen imagines the thought. "Luke, Circy, Beau, Pulsecode, Rhodesy, etc. etc....come to the table its time to eat"
Posted by Astral_86 28th January, 2004

looks really good ! :D downloading... Oh..Acoders again! Crystal was good too. :) Bye~!
Posted by laguna 28th January, 2004

Well, aside from a godawful level select menu (use mouse to select and shift to choose level, ACK), this is a very interesting game.
Posted by laguna 28th January, 2004

It would still be better to let the player use the arrow keys to select the level. That is my first instinct everytime (since you use the arrow keys for everything else), but pressing an arrow key makes it glitch and makes the cursor disappear.
Posted by laguna 28th January, 2004

still gets thumbs up of course, very clean graphics.
Posted by danjo 28th January, 2004

you CAN use the arrow too, quite obviously your first instinct didnt serve you well
Posted by laguna 28th January, 2004

Actually, NO. using the arrow keys to try to select a level makes your cursor disappear and the screen scroll to the far left.
Posted by laguna 28th January, 2004

let me explain, since some people don't seem to understand very much: Danjo's e-mail to me: dont fucking tell me what i know and dont know. mouse will override keys, as keys was added for wingers like you. there is no curson on level select , so stop sniffing drugs! ------------- when I say "cursor" I am referring to the CURSOR/SELECTOR/aka PURPLE RING. When returning to the level select screen from a level, if you press an arrow key to move your CURSOR to select the next level, it jerks the screen to the left and causes your "purple circle" to disappear. It was only a suggestion that pressing the arrow keys move the purple ring, instead of having to use the mouse. This game is still very good. Was that a simple enough explanation for you Danjo? If saying "purple circle" is still confusing you, I can use a word like "block" or just "circle".
Posted by vortex2 28th January, 2004

Great Game! and as for the arrow key thing on mine if you press the right (not sure about the left) arrow key to go to the next level, the purple ring thing moves over the quit option. Still Its a great concept that is pretty tricky :). this game kind of reminds me of the crash bandicoot warped egyptian level :) Nice Work :).
Posted by Rhys D 29th January, 2004

didn't work here either danjo, perhaps you should investigate before trying to act 'the almighty knowing one' eh?
Posted by Tom 29th January, 2004

The earlier levels are easy, but they do get alot harder throughout the game.
Posted by BattleCat 29th January, 2004

Could this be inspired by popcap's Mummy Maze perhaps ?
Posted by danjo 29th January, 2004

im really glad you the mouse upsets you. you couldnt get through it anyway, so grumble away.
Posted by Rhys D 29th January, 2004

all we're trying to do is help fix bugs in the game. stop getting so worried about things.
Posted by danjo 29th January, 2004

werent you a tester?
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 29th January, 2004

wow it like a good pyjamma spiff NO NO DONT HIT ME MASTER EMU SORRY HE NOT KNOW WHAT HE SAY
Posted by laguna 29th January, 2004

10x lol @ danjo.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 29th January, 2004

eviscerator - although ive played and enjoyed mummy maze, this wasnt inspired by it. it was inspired by some game i downloaded from gamehippo a few years ago and i just expanded on some of the ideas.
Posted by Teapot 30th January, 2004

this is a bloody good game
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 30th January, 2004

Wtf i dont know what you 2 are on, but this game kicks ass!big thumbs up to Acoders!
Posted by citizen[Ac] 30th January, 2004

review the game :D
Posted by Ben 31st January, 2004

Good game, I like it
Posted by Rhys D 1st February, 2004

im testing for counterbalance, not this :P
Posted by ruffles 3rd February, 2004

haha rhys XD lol i played an old beta too XD i used to play a lot of betas XD
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 3rd February, 2004

Posted by Rutee 21st July, 2004

Nice graphics! Oh ya, and it's fun too ^_^





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