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Seek & Dread Online V. 1.22
Author: Kingson Submitted: 28th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 123

Edited By Kingson on 1/28/2004

Seek & Dread Online is back with new graphics, weapons and a change of gameplay. You control your soldier with keyboard and mouse which gives you a 360 degree circumferential visibility so that you can attack your enemies in any situation.
Before you start register a user name in game. Then mess with the best online. And take pains because every match statistics will be saved and you don't wanna be a loser, right?

If you want to make some maps for the game check there you'll find a map editor.

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Posted by Prime 28th January, 2004

When i try to register a error message saying unable to send information appears, how can i get this to work?
Posted by Joshtek 28th January, 2004

great graphics, but you might want to work a bit on the little text things showing peoples names (textblitter? shaddowing?)
Posted by Kingson 28th January, 2004

Prime just try again, perhaps the server was too busy for a few minutes.
Posted by gonefornow 28th January, 2004

Awesome! this is one of the games that got me interesting in online game making! Kingson is a pro.
Posted by laguna 28th January, 2004

Uh... name and password registration? For a game like this? Dude, this isn't everquest. Plus, you can't copy and paste into the password field. This is all going to drive players away.
Posted by Assault Andy 28th January, 2004

Always been a fan of this game, good to see an update. I'll download it in a second.
Posted by laguna 29th January, 2004

lol @ Phizzy, am I STILL crazy?
Posted by Simen 29th January, 2004

Yay! I've played a older version of this... it was kinda cool. Think I'll try this.
Posted by Simen 29th January, 2004

seems kinda cool... but noone was on, so I just ran around shooting... yawn! And the registrtion thingy is pretty boring. Not a HUGE problem..... It's just kinda boring. You know. Yawn again!
Posted by Simen 29th January, 2004

*Mothers of all yawns*!
Posted by haloboycs 31st January, 2004

noone on makes me sad..
Posted by -Messiah- 31st January, 2004

Yay, a new S&D, hey kingson, remember me?... Slaughter, im was one of ur first players!!!
Posted by Rovak[Crazy_produtions] 1st February, 2004

fantastic game, i played a great game yesterday but there are almost no players online
Posted by RadioActivity 3rd February, 2004

Great game.
Posted by RPG4Lif3 8th February, 2004

it says, trying to connect to master server.. for 5 long???
Posted by Coop 22nd August, 2004

that games sweet, only thing i dont like is the aimer..very hard to use
Posted by Nuklear41 18th May, 2005

kingson your games are just a piece of shit so leave the community.





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