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Skater Dude
Author: Fire and Ice interactive Submitted: 5th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 187

Edited By Andi Smith on 2/9/2004

Edited By Fire and Ice interactive on 2/8/2004

This is a simple story about a dude and his bitc…board, skate board that is, this dude is know around his area as the skater dude, A 5 level demo-ish version. You start as a skater just hanging around, after you show off in front of the locals you’re career starts. Can you make it too pro? Take the challenge.
The trick list includes:.
Japan air
360 flip
kick flip
5-0 grind
50-50 grind
and some others
Photos of the people who made this try and skate, in credits
Left/right arrow – skate
up/down – adjust balance

4-360 flip
6-kick flip
8- 5-0 grind
9- Grab
Hope you enjoy.
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Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 5th February, 2004

With a little polishing and fixing of bugs, You could make this much better.
Posted by Cazra 6th February, 2004

...I hate freewebs....
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 6th February, 2004

...i hate phizzy... LoL Phizzy! Stop complain others!! Insteed, give their your "help" ffs.. How much help do u think Fire and Ice got? Nothing! By the way.. If you want to see crappy games, why don't ya check your own archive? I will download this game btw...
Posted by Yuhkaz 6th February, 2004

Thats silly keys no offence...
Posted by Shen 6th February, 2004

yay. download #4000 :D
Posted by Astral_86 6th February, 2004

I didn't really like this game, it feeled buggy, uncomplete, and kinda repetitive. Sorry man. But I'll still grant ya' with a thumb up because it was about skating. I love skating. :)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 6th February, 2004

You understand the concept of the thumbs system don't you, Astral?
Posted by Astral_86 8th February, 2004

Posted by Thunderstorm 16th April, 2004

Woah! What a great game! Good music and beautiful craphics! Cheers!





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