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1943- plane shoot'em up (abbandonware unfinished)
Author: Fire and Ice interactive Submitted: 13th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 87

this is a game wheere u hold down the shoot button, and blow the crap outta planes that past you by.
12- weapon up grades
12- levels
12,000 bugs, hehe

hope its worth something too some one..
i stole the plane Gfx, so ure welcome too aswell

press "~" for gun upgrade
aroow keys for streeting
"!" for gun downgrade

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 (300kb )
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Posted by Jetstar 13th February, 2004

SOUNDS COol dling
Posted by Shadow99 13th February, 2004

Horrible. Your plane is WAY too big and slow for this game to be any fun. Your weapon is weak and worthless. Enemies can only be killed if you start shooting them as soon as they fly on screen and hold your fire on them (taking whatever damage in the process) until they die just moments before they are about to disappear offscreen again. This could have been classic, but some really really bad choices were made. Im sure level 2 had something new. But if people hate level 1, noone goes on to level 2.
Posted by Fire and Ice interactive 13th February, 2004

hehe, well shadow that why im not gonna fix it up, i just made it too see if u could, the levels are more like the weapons, each better weapon, higher scores and more baddies.. by the way, did u try upgrade the weapons,





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