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Mechines - Mini Comp
Author: Fire and Ice interactive Submitted: 8th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 56


This is from the mini Comp that is on..



After They created Us, we were very helpful in day to day life, they made us more and more like them, we now feeling happiness, love and then
. . .GREED
And Lust for
. . .POWER
We now rebelled against them, for world supremacy. In this sector they have only 10 base that need Broken so that this war will end in our favour.

…..Game Mission…….

- We Must invade the humans Base too get the upper hand on the war..

-The only have tanks so you're Mech Should be able too win easily.

-There is ten Sister Bases after you destroy all ten, you should be able too avoidance into the Humans home Base.

-Each base you destroy will we be able too grant you will more Technologies.. Weapons and Mech bodies


…Game features

1 bonus level.
3 Mech Bodies.
7 levels.
6 weapons.
weapon and body upgrades.
Help manual
Loads of spelling errors,

Thanks too Bloodsoft for testing..

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Posted by Paul 8th March, 2004

Download's broken...
Posted by Galaxy613 8th March, 2004

" " is "" is not
Posted by Rhys D 8th March, 2004

great work for posting the same address twice CKarl.





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