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Star Fox Arwing Engine
Author: TLONMASTER Submitted: 7th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 281

Edited By TLONMASTER on 2/9/2004

Well, this is a sort of "demo" I made a long time ago when I was going to attempt to make a Star Fox fan game. The movement part of the engine came out fairly well in my opinion, but the AI never came into place.

Any graphics in this demo may be used (just please give me credit as Ryan Rittmann, thank you very much). I would really like to see if somebody could perfect the engine, add some nice AI, and make something of it.

Oh by the way, there is no documentation or anything, so you'll have to just figure it out for yourself. Enjoy it anyway!

- - -Oh, one more thing. That counter at the top of the screen is supposed to be a "miles per hour" counter.

Edit: Yay it is is the documentationess.


(I will not explain what any of that extra clutter is for. Mind you, this was a sort of test file for a game I was going to make. The terribly drawn enemy ships, the crappy laser changing, and the spinning Arwing have no purpose to this tutorial. I will also not explain the looping that occurs when you exit the end of the level. That was merely so I could continue moving across the screen while testing. Spank you.)

Now, first off, when Alterable Value A of the Arwing is set at 3, the vehicle is set at it's normal speed, and will continue to move without any keys being pressed.

I set it that when neither the up arrow or down arrow are pressed, the value will equal 3. (This baby stops on a dime, no slow down!)

I have set it that every 00"-05 seconds the game will determine the current value of A, and that will be added to the current Y position of the Arwing. If the up arrow is HELD, A will be increased by one constantly. (You can limit this however, I merely left it like this because I enjoy what I like to call 'light speed')

If the down arrow is HELD, A will be set to 1, which will be used as a slow down. Note, you could also try to limit this usage, like in the original Star Fox games.

I think that's really all of the important stuff that needs to be said. Any questions? E-mail me then, or leave a post, or whatever is groovy. Enjoy.

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Posted by Blargh 9th February, 2004

Ummm... this is nothing at all, you just put a non editable game in, no .exe or anything, just a .gam icon which you click on and it goes to a blank games factory screen. I won't give this a thumbs down... YET. I give you 2 days to fix this or else BOM BOM! Thumbs Down. Sorry about the exaderation there. Yeah, just fix it and be swell :)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th February, 2004

Hmm, it worked for me (hence it actually being added at all)
Posted by Smeggy 9th February, 2004

geez, you lot are a bit unfair, just give the dude some time, don't make him look stupid just because you are impatient..
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 9th February, 2004

"Posting a gam file instead of an exe? Thats stupid. Not everyone can just open a gam file. Thumbs down." Huh? Why is that stupid? If it was an exe then no one would be able to look at the source. Obviously it's meant for The Games Factory, hence the .gam file. Anyway, the engine itself is... alright, not spectacular.
Posted by Phlibbit 9th February, 2004

Yes, we all know TLONMASTER sucks in TGF. I know. But cut him some slack here!
Posted by Shadow99 9th February, 2004

Posting a source demo SUCKS. It would have been cool to see a Star Fox fan game! You should have just thrown in some enemies, called it a game, and THEN posted it, in exe form of course.
Posted by TLONMASTER 9th February, 2004

I didn't say it was a game, Sir Shadow, it's just an engine I made. Hence the reason it's for the tutorials section.
Posted by TLONMASTER 9th February, 2004

And Phlibbit. . .yeah. :P FPP, just to ask, what's wrong with it? Also, Shadow, I put it up because I can't be arsed to do a Star Fox fan game. I was hoping somebody would take advantage of my engine perhaps, and make their own game. And to bug more people, how does the Arwing look? It's all sexy and sextastic.
Posted by AndyUK 12th February, 2004

for an engine its a bit big 300k? anyway it seems like someone could have some fun with it i have no interest in those sort of games though





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