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Invasion of the Mini-Bots
Author: Kramy Submitted: 7th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 224

Edited By Kramy on 3/7/2004

Invasion of the Mini-Bots is the second game I've released to TDC. I made it for Shab's robot compo. If you enjoy Tower-Defense type games(from wc3) you'll probably enjoy this. It's not a standard type of game, you build huge bots and they fire at mini-bots running by. Enjoy!

6 easy levels
4 medium levels
3 hard levels

Oh, and I didn't really have time to balance it at all, so some levels are super hard and others are crummy-easy.

Please report any bugs. Controls are listed in-game.

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Posted by istvan 7th March, 2004

Posted by istvan 7th March, 2004

ARG! you must change the resolution, or make the window a differnt size, the words are so stretched I can barely read them, apart from that the game looks promising
Posted by Cazra 7th March, 2004

It's confusing.
Posted by Patriarch 7th March, 2004

I LOVE Tower Defenses. It's basically all that I play on wc3. Snerlin, have you ever played tower defenses on wc3? if not, i can see why it would be confusing.
Posted by Patriarch 7th March, 2004

Wait, after playing it, that was pathetic. In wc3, they can shoot in all directions, not just the one you placed them... this makes it almost impossible!
Posted by contra 7th March, 2004

I began making a TD game myself some time ago. got bored of it 'cause of all balancing issues. Maybe i'll pick it up again. Anyway...about this game: Don't let the crap graphics fool you. This was to my surprise one of the best click games ive played in ages. Once you get the hang of the diffrent units (i mainly use railgun bots) it's fun as hell. Really good level design that forces you to use diffrent strategies depending on the map. There are a couple of things i would like to see improved: 1) Better graphics. You should atleast make the units look diffrent. As it is now you can't tell the units apart. not that it really matters to the gameplay, but it would look better and give you a better overview. 2) Some minor balancing tweaking. Actually the balancing seems quite good, but i feel that the upgrades cost seems abit unfair. for example i think that the upgrade for the Bazooka units should be alot lower. 3) NO RESIZE DISPLAY!! Please. no one should ever use this. It looks horrible. Fix these things up and this will be a classic. Great work Kramy!
Posted by contra 7th March, 2004

gee...i didnt realize i wrote so much. maybe i should have made it a review instead ? just wanted to address what Ben G. said. Yeah it seems abit limited at first when you're used to wc3 TD maps but give it a couple of tries and you'll see that this actually makes it even more strategic then wc3 TD maps. I got thru all the easy and normal maps. The Hard ones seems abit over the top though. i have no chance in hell to beat the first Hard map. I can defend myself from the first wave but thats it.
Posted by X_Sheep 7th March, 2004

Make a Sheep Tag game from WC3 next XD
Posted by AndyUK 7th March, 2004

so ben that one issue makes it pathetic?
Posted by ChrisB 7th March, 2004

It's impossible to play. It runs at 5fps because of stupid 'stretch to window size'...
Posted by Cazra 7th March, 2004

Nope, I've never played any of the Warcraft games.
Posted by Phlibbit 7th March, 2004

Well, here's some easy things you can do to improve your graphics. DO NOT use the SAME TILE for grass AND rock paths, etc. Also, when you have repeating tiles such as these try to 'eliminate the grid', so you can't tell where the tile starts and stops. It just makes everything nicer to look at, and everything will just flow better.
Posted by vortex2 8th March, 2004

It is a good concept, not really orginal, but a good concept non the less ;). made me want to play StarCraft and the Tower Defence Use map setting game :P. Anyway, the plus side is that its diffrent ;) I like how the little mini bots come out and run down the path :). However the graphics, argh my eyes! For some reason it just looks well :S bad. I am the LAST person to be able to talk about graphics but try using a higher resolution or something. also, was it just me or where the graphics blury to anyone else? Also I had problems positioning the big bots on the screen and getting them to stay lol , perhaps I didn't do something right but that was a big downer :(. Also, it seems like the bots just shoot at random times or whatever and not when they acually "see" an enemy, which kinda takes away alot of the effectivness of the weapons :(. Also some more variation in units would be nice, Basically you got the same kind of bot with diffrent weapons and thats it. It would be cool to see diffrent graphics completely for each new unit type designed specific for that projectile ;). Like mabey some kind of lightning tank would be cool :D. I think somehow (not sure how) you could come up with an easier to use UI too ;). Still its pretty good, it kept me playing for a good 4 or 5 minutes :) but I would of played alot longer if the bots stayed put and the graphics werent making my eyes sting :). Anyway, nice Job :).
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th March, 2004

this is realy cool im a master on Starcraft defences (softwarewolf anyone? no? meh..) the graphics werent too nice but i dont care about that.. what i do care about is i couldnt understand how the money works.. whats the blue and yellow number on bottom? even when both of them is over 125 i cant place those bots..
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th March, 2004

okey i think the yellow is cash and blue is kills.. but why didnt it work to build then? this game needs alot of updating.. first off.. its realy hard to rotate the bots cus u gotta right click exactly on it.. also only the first bot even works to rotate.. and how to the upgrades work? ever thought of making a readme file? also when chaning bots it sometimes glitches up and make 2 overlapping unplaceable bots.. dont care about the grahpics.. make this game playable! :P do you mind if i try making a game something like this too? :D
Posted by Kramy 8th March, 2004

Thanks for all the comments. :D Graphics: Yeah, I'm not very good at graphics. :P Chris Branch: I'll turn that off then...but the bots are really hard to see, so I'll have to turn them red. XD Vortex: Blurry Graphics? you have a flatscreen monitor? In this version the bots hit invisible colliders and turn depending on their direction. I tried to make some pathfinding, but gave up when the collision mask refused to return anything but 1. :P Not sure about the bots not staying put. They do for me, but I'll look into it. Did anyone even look at the help screen? It points to GOLD, SCORE, etc...*sighs* :P Guess I should have made a readme for the people that actually read them. :D SoftWarewolf: The first bot rotate was planned, but after reading these posts I believe it may have been a mistake to not code the rest aswell. I thought the upgrades were fairly clear - the only thing I forgot was to tell you which button to click to actually upgrade. Hmm, I had the 2-bot glitch fixed, but something must have set it off. Go ahead and try to make a game like this. :)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th March, 2004

thx i might try! :) i figured that upgrade and everything.. but the 2-bot thing is definitly not fixed here.. it hapends all the time.. but i can click on the grey field to reset it
Posted by Galaxy613 8th March, 2004

um... this stinks? weird... all needed is to upgrade the gfx O.o and some other small things..
Posted by -Messiah- 9th March, 2004

This is, R-O-C-K-S :D but.. If better graphs and some more towers and diffrent looking towers, then, defenetly 11/10 ;)
Posted by Kramy 10th March, 2004

CK4R1: Um...thanks for stating the obvious(GFX). Here's a list of changes I'm planning in the future: 1. Fix laser wall not working for SoftWarewolf. 2. Change bot colours 3. (possible) change minibot colours depending on difficulty 4. (possible) editor 5. Robots that can turn in 4 directions. 6. Readme 7. some other small things
Posted by -Messiah- 10th March, 2004

Hey, how about a map editor?, or is that the editor?
Posted by contra 10th March, 2004

just a quick note: you can't lose on Level 2 on Normal difficulty. the bots just keeps going back and forth.
Posted by Kramy 10th March, 2004

Messiah: Yes, the editor is a map editor. The only thing I have to figure out is how the create backdrop function works for the active picture object. XD Must check knowledge base... Tyraner: Ahh, I completely missed that. Thanks so much! :)
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 6th May, 2004

Now that the comp is over, well long over, This game ROCKS!
Posted by Airflow 24th July, 2004

Dude, Those who don't have a fast computer are missing out! This game kicks ass! Fagnifico Gameplay!:):):) ug Graphics. :( hidden Strategic depth :) There is no way I can pass that hard level.





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