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Scrolling Methods
Author: Kramy Submitted: 30th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 342

Edited By Kramy on 6/3/2004

Recently I've seen many games that are cool concepts and look great. Unfortunately, most have crap scrolling.

This zip includes 5 different methods of scrolling, all of which use no objects. They took me a total of 40 min to code . Feel free to use them in games without giving me any credit. No need for screenshots, as it's open source, and made in TGF so everyone with TGF/MMF can use it. If you use it and claim you coded it though, I'll kill you.

All code works at any window size with any playfield size.

1) Simple centering scrolling. (platformer/rpg)
2) Simple 4 event keyboard scrolling. (RTS, etc.)
3) Simple 4 event mouse scrolling. (RTS, etc.)
4) 2 event(if TGF supported OR ) Race-Car scrolling.(or platformer)
5) 4 event Platform scrolling that looks 16(~12) pixels ahead in a direction(easy to change to 32 or more). Same falling as with race-car.

The Platform Scrolling took 5 minutes to make, and 5 to comment, save, zip, and upload.


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Posted by Simen 31st May, 2004

Nice! Very smooth scrolling!
Posted by X_Sheep 31st May, 2004

Actually, I could make a smooth scrolling system where you look slightly farther in a direction(and look up and down too) in a few minutes ;)
Posted by Kramy 31st May, 2004

In 2-4 events? :P Thanks Simen. :)
Posted by Kramy 1st June, 2004

"I just made such a system in 5 events. Took me about 40 seconds." Without any objects?
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 2nd June, 2004

Nice work Kramy! The raceing-scrolling is so cool!!! 8)
Posted by Kramy 2nd June, 2004

Thanks Black Wizards! :)
Posted by Kramy 3rd June, 2004

X_Sheep: You're right, it only took a few minutes. Since Phizzy thinks he can figure out those formulas though, I think I'll let him change the x scrolling to y scrolling for looking up and down. :P
Posted by Henry_VCG_ 14th September, 2004

good work! smooth scrolling! I couldn't have acheived this, I know nothing of coding
Posted by Robert Welch 26th May, 2005

HA! I created an engine like this when I was twelve!





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